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Twin Peaks: How the Secrets Were Kept on the Set of TV’s Most Mysterious Revival

Few TV productions have ever been quite as secretive as the new season of Twin Peaks

Fans and press alike were kept in the dark, which is not that unusual, but the 18 brand new episodes of the cult hit series are such a mystery that not even the cast knows exactly what they contain. The stars have to watch along with the rest of the world to even find out when and how they show up, or if their scenes even remained in the show. 

Even star Kyle MacLachlan, who was the only cast member allowed to read the entire 400 page script, didn’t get to see any footage until the show actually premiered. Only the always mysterious David Lynch knows exactly what’s in store for the rest of this adventure. 

Before the premiere, we caught up with the cast to find out exactly what kind of measures were taken on set to keep those all important Twin Peaks secrets, and it honestly sounds like a lot. 

“You had to sign a thing that said if you reveal one tiny fact about this whole experience, you get sued for a million dollars,” Richard Chamberlain told E! News. “It’s true, you could only read your scene. When you were finished with a day’s work, you had to turn in your script, which was just the few pages that you were in.” 

Christopher Murray, who appeared in the first couple episodes as a police officer, stars in the new season along with his father, Don Murray, but not even being family changes the rules. 

“When I found out my dad got cast, I called the casting director and I said, can I even talk to dad about it? And she said yes, because you signed the same NDA, but you can’t talk about your scenes,” he told us.

“It was hard not telling my family. I think they’d thought I’d done a Pretty Woman on ’em or something, like I’d moved to LA and I was making money and I was working, but I wasn’t quite telling them what,” said Amy Shiels, who also had to be shrouded in a blanket whenever she left her trailer. 

Laura Dern also donned “many a cloak.” 

“That was my number one wardrobe,” the star told us. 

Adele Rene revealed that she wasn’t even given the correct script for her scenes ahead of time.

“There were names that I had to use in the script that of course, as an actor, I had memorized,” she said. “And then when I got to set, I was informed that the names I was actually going to use when filming were different.” 

Not even being an original cast member meant there was any less pressure on keeping those secrets. 

“We were encouraged not to share the script with any cast member that you were currently working with or who you might be working with somewhere else on another day,” said Everett McGill, who returns as Ed Hurley, and Dana Ashbrook‘s wife couldn’t visit the set without signing an NDA personally overseen by David Lynch

Fans were delighted to see that Mädchen Amick was back in her familiar waitress uniform in promotional images, but that was considered a major secret during filming. 

“People tried snapping a picture, so we tried covering what I was wearing when I was heading to set with a robe, like a big pink fuzzy robe,” she told us. “Kinda wasn’t the best choice, like I stood out like a sore thumb.” 

And if you’re hoping to hear more from the cast now that episodes have started airing, you’re not in luck. 

“We just got another email saying you can’t talk about it, even after Sunday,” Kimmy Robertson revealed. 

While everyone was forced to sign an NDA to be a part of the production, no one other than MacLachlan really even had enough information to share. 

“I know what my character did on the days I worked, I know who I did it with, so those are the only secrets that are hard to keep,” Amanda Seyfried told us. “Otherwise, the less I know, the easier it is.” 

While Owain Rhys Davies admitted that he and Shiels both tried to sneak onto set when they weren’t supposed to be there, and Ashbrook tried to get information out of the make up and hair departments, it sounds like no one ever gave up anything they weren’t supposed to. 

“They’re all keeping the secret, man,” Ashbrook said. “Everybody wants to keep it for David.” 

“People played along,” MacLachlan agreed. “They were excited about what they were doing in the moment, in the scenes that we did, but everyone was kind of excited to see what it looks like when it’s all put together.” 

Of course, everybody’s happy to keep a secret when they’re keeping it for David Lynch. 

“It’s very secretive but there’s also this wonderful creative mystery that David works in,” Sheryl Lee told us. “So that’s part of the pleasure and the joy of working with him creatively, is that you know that you’re jumping in there.” 

Watch the video above for more from the cast! 

Twin Peaks airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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