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Timo Werner to Spurs: The most intriguing transfer this winter?

Until recently, few Premier League fans had positive things to say about Timo Werner, including Chelsea fans themselves, despite his important role in the UCL winning squad. It seemed like Werner preferred being back at Leipzig, surrounded by a wealth of interesting talents such as Simmons, Openda, Olmo, Sesko, among others. However, this may be why Timo Werner was not missed anymore, and Spurs saw an opportunity to bring in an experienced player who could turn out to be a surprise hit under Ange Postecoglou. So, is this the most exciting transfer of the window (at least so far)? Let’s analyze that.

Looking at Timo Werner’s Career Post Chelsea: What does he bring on the table??

Pic 1 Timo Werners 1st full season post Chelsea in 2223

Timo Werner’s role under coach Marco Rose rather brought out a lot of positive influence of him over the Leipzig team. His G/A tallies aside, his role as a left forward in Rose’s system meant he was able to influence final 3rd activity of Leipzig well, and that ensured Leipzig usually scored high.

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Out of possession Werner was phenomenal, if you watch the pitch indicating Def. actions heatmap and post-recovery passes, for a forward that’s a high number meaning Werner is more than capable of chasing players down and trying to win possession for his team, covering large areas of the flank. And most importantly, he suddenly was a very good halfspace threat, a player that could operate at a great level at the most important of the 5 vertical spaces on the pitch.

Pic 2 Werners role against Leverkusen

His role in the Leipzig system did usually change a lot, putting him both as the main central option or as a wide forward, depending on if Leipzig turned up in a 3-2-2-3 or a typical Rose style 4-2-2-2 (see Pic 2 against Leverkusen for example). This means, for Ange – Werner could deputise for Son or be an option besides him centrally. So, with Werner, the potential is that he could cover 2 positions seamlessly and he could even play as an attacking midfielder role too (though that’s highly dependent on the system).

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A 4-2-3-1,3-4-3, 4-3-3 are all ideal to bring Werner’s characteristics to the fore. But it’s also important to note that Werner’s problems aren’t about being a good forward in the final 3rd, it’s always been about generating what you would expect for a player up top. For Ange, the big challenge should be getting Werner to not just roleplay, but to fine-tune his actions to ensure he can be a producer of G/A.

Video Scouting: Taking Note of his best traits at Both Chelsea and Leipzig

Vid 1: Werner’s Best at Chelsea and Leipzig

Most of what is described about Werner is quite clear in Vid 1 above. Werner can be a good goal threat in general on transitions who usually likes using his pace behind lines, but in more settled possession, he’s better off as a forward that could create space for players around him, able to show a solid ball-carrying threat and beat men on 1v1’s on a more than capable level. But for Werner, perhaps the one thing he knows well is beating a nice offside trap. He’s got exceptional timing w.r.t. using his pace well.

What sets Werner in a good way apart is he’s capable of playing roles in either 3 or 4 back systems, meaning if at any time Ange thinks of deploying a different system, Werner wouldn’t necessarily feel out of place. But that’s something too early to say given that right now, the next 6 months are what counts.

Timo Werner to Tottenham – Conclusion: Is the move timing right??

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Spurs have had lots of injuries in a lot of positions. In a season where they have a very good chance of easily finishing in the top 4 and even pushing for a top 3 finish, they need players to recuperate all that momentum they had initially for 2-3 months under Ange. Considering that, an experienced player like Werner makes a lot of sense to make a move for. The Financials involved aren’t much so it’s not really a concern how this deal would turn out. In that sense, Spurs will have a reasonably established player at a reasonable price amidst an injury crisis. All these signs point that this is a great deal at every angle, financially or sporting-wise.

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