From your name I could see you’re Oyibo. Well such things doesn’t affect us because we don’t schedule appointments with Dentists in the first place, do they even exist in this part of the world? Oh, they would probably close shop ‘cos no one patronises them. Also we use Mats to sleep not mattress. You see God has blessed us with the floor of our homes and they’re hard enough, doesn’t break backs and we enjoy our sleeps even without the mats sometimes. As for the lump issue hmmm,,,,I would blame some of our people for Long-throat, always copying Oyibos by eating their Canned food instead of our natural Efon ri ro, Gbegiri, Edikankon, Afan, Ora, Bitterleave etc sourced from the wonderful green vegetation that God has blessed us with. You see we’re rich in this part of the world only we don’t see it… But to be honest, I completely agree with you for you guys though


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