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This one skill could be your game changer

This one skill could be your game changer

My name is Funmilola Olurinola but people know me as Abeke. As a professional Makeup Artist, a lot of times in the past, I found myself with too much time on my hands during the week days and too little time during the weekends (wherein i used to work till I dropped )just to be able to balance the imbalance of our trade.

Then, WITHOUT ANY PRIOR TRAINING in Millinery or Fashion, i somehow invented the new way to wear the Gele which is an integral part of African fashion, sort of like our own take on hats and fascinators and out of that came my flagship product called AUTOGELEBYABEKE.
It has become a major hit with celebs and the populace alike and in 2 years, it has allowed me to gain balance of my work week, get out of the deep-end and things have gotten a lot more comfortable for me and my family. In fact, this product has multiplied my income many times over.
You may be thinking “what has this got to do with me”? 
I’m sending this to you because  now i’ve found my calling which is helping people build a business out of making AutoGeles using MY SYSTEM so they can share their designs infused with their own unique style with the world. 
Crazy enough we are creating a wave and demand for the products, that only my team and i can’t handle and that’s why i’ll like to teach you so you can help meet demands for it in many parts of the world.
The beauty of this is that whatever part of the world you may live in, you can make designs with the culture and fashion sense of the people who live there in mind, you can use fabrics, colours and styles that will appeal to them and ultimately create a new form of fashion in the existing fashion industry in your locality.
You’ll also become a part of the creatives who are using their skills to churn out beautiful peices from Africa to the World.
If you are thinking “but I’m not in Nigeria how can I participate”? Don’t worry, IT’S AN ONLINE CLASS AND CAN BE TAKEN FROM ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD.
Although I can’t explain the stardom that’s about to hit you and the 
tons of money you’ll make from this, I know what it has done for me and i know it can do the same for you.
For me now, i’m making an amazing income AND a huge positive 
impact in my field and that’s such a great gift i’m thankful for.
But here’s the thing: MY PATH IS YOUR PATH. Will you join me?
Go to www.blackbeautyelite.com to join my mailing list, so you can access videos in which you’ll find out how I came about this invention and have your many questions that I know are pilling up in your mind as you read, answered. 
I have a strong feeling this may be what you’ve been looking for. 
for more details. 
or call 08023772906 for more information. 
I’m looking forward to seeing you with me on the other side.

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