You’re the office hero. There’s no doubt about it. Not only have you smashed targets month-on-month in a glowing board review, you whip up a mean cuppa on the daily; even Janice, the token office lactose intolerable, has complimented your deft hand with the oat milk. Though despite these nine-to-five victories, you may still be annoying AF if a recent survey is anything to go by.

Sampling over 2,000 people, vaping brand Flavour Boss unearthed a multitude of workplace annoyances that range from the mild to the all-out infuriating. And it turns out we’re all guilty of at least a few.

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Topping the list with 33 per cent of respondents was the common pitfall of an office moan. Unsurprisingly, nobody likes a Debbie Downer following the sales report, though the gripes didn’t end there.

Other listed annoyances included too many smoking breaks at 17.6 per cent, David Brent-esque email vernacular at 16.9 per cent (no, we don’t want to ‘touch base’ with you), eating smelly foods deskside and sending too many emails. Plus, while you may think that keyboard bashing sounds productive, 7.7 per cent of respondents listed loud typing as a major co-worker complaint.

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Any of these sound familiar? Perhaps you’re not quite the workplace prince after all


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