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The untold truth of William H. Macy

The untold truth of William H. Macy

It’s no secret Macy often plays characters who are down on their luck or are perceived as losers in movies. “From heartbroken sheriff in Happy, Texas, to cuckolded pornographer in Boogie Nights, to a man so unlucky his very presence brings bad fortune to those around him in The Cooler,” the actor isn’t often cast in hero-type roles, a HuffPost article highlighting Macy’s career pointed out.

What’s funny about the actor’s predicament? He’s actually a “perfectionist” who has very high standards. “I’m an ambitious fellow, it’s true. I try to rein it in — in fact I devote a lot of energy towards doing so — but the truth is that I am very ambitious and nothing is ever quite good enough,” he told The Independent in June 2006. Interesting — we had no idea Macy had a type-A personality.

As for those “loser” roles he’s famous for, he stated, “To this day it puzzles me why it is that I’m always cast as the regular American guy who’s confused, whose world has just burned down around him, and now finds himself wondering what he’s supposed to do next. Because, even in my darkest days, that’s never how I’ve perceived myself. I work hard to maintain a high standard of work and professionalism to the extent where some might even describe me as a perfectionist.”

We’re curious if Macy has ever put pressure on his family to succeed as well. Regardless, it’d appear he expects the best.

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