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The untold truth of Trump’s brothers and sisters

The untold truth of Trump's brothers and sisters

At Fred Trump Sr.’s funeral in 1999, 650 mourners showed up at Marble Collegiate Church to pay their respects, according to The New York Times, including the children of the late Fred Trump Jr., Mary Trump and Fred Trump III. The latter “spoke at the funeral,” and, that same night, his wife went into labor, giving birth to a son they named William. Sadly, the baby “developed seizures that led to cerebral palsy.” In response, the eldest Trumps promised to “take care of the [baby’s] medical bills.” But once Fred III and his sister, Mary, discovered they weren’t receiving an inheritance from Fred Sr., the New York Daily News reported they “filed a legal objection” to the will, claiming “Donald and his siblings had used ‘undue influence’ over their grandfather, who had dementia, to cut them out,” the Times revealed.

Donald and his siblings clapped back by terminating baby William’s health coverage, leaving Fred III and his wife with “medical bills topping $300,000.” When asked why he took such a drastic measure, the Times quoted Donald as saying, “I was angry because they sued.”

Things were eventually settled “very amicably,” according to Donald. Years later, a picture of William smiling and thriving would warm our hearts, and news that Fred III was hosting the second Golf for Abilis fundraiser at a Trump-owned golf course in 2013 confirmed the family had finally patched things up.

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