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The untold truth of Gayle King

The untold truth of Gayle King

Gayle King has described herself as a “terrified flyer,” and she told Forbes “turbulence really gets to [her] now.” She added, “I’ve been known to grab a stranger, lay my head in their lap and have them pet me like a puppy.” And she wasn’t lying, either.

In November 2017, King shared a photo on Instagram from one of her many travel excursions, showing herself holding the hand of a kind passenger. “Just had holy ‘s#*t’ moment on VERY BUMPY flight grabbed stranger’s hand,” her caption read. She continued, “Swipe left to meet my new best friend thanx DENNIS ADLER & flight attendant James who smiled the whole time & said not to worry.”

But her fear of flying has an advantage. “It’s amazing to me how quickly you can connect with strangers in times of trouble,” she explained to Forbes.

Oh, and flying the friendly skies isn’t the only thing that ruffles her feathers. She told the publication she’s also terrified of heights, even though she semi-conquered that fear by “climbing over the Sydney Harbour Bridge” while on vacay.

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