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The real reason Sara Gilbert is leaving The Talk

The real reason Sara Gilbert is leaving The Talk

Gilbert’s idea for The Talk was sparked by mothers’ groups she joined after giving birth to her daughter, Sawyer. She craved the sense of community they provided and wanted to translate those same vibes to television. However, her introverted personality wasn’t really conducive to being a full-time talk show host, but that’s exactly what made the star push forward to make the show a reality. “I did this because I was scared to do this,” she told The New York Times. “I felt like I wasn’t equipped for it, and I needed to expand my growth.”

Even Gilbert’s on-screen sister, actress Lecy Goranson, told the NYT that she was surprised by Gilbert’s decision to jump to a role that “involved more public speaking.” The way Goranson sees it, “I think it really says something about her wanting to be a well-rounded person — to take a deficient muscle and make it really strong.”

In fact, Gilbert’s introspection added a unique sense of humanity in an age where many talk shows focus on viral sensationalism. Nine seasons in, it’s clear Gilbert turned a weakness into a strength, accomplishing what she previously thought was impossible. With that goal achieved, it seems like a natural time for the star to move on.

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