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The Painfully Offensive Mistake Fans Misheard During #Quavo’s 2023 Grammys Tribute To Takeoff #Grammys

At the 2023 Grammys, Quavo paid tribute to Takeoff, his nephew and fellow rapper, by performing “Without You,”, during the “In Memoriam” portion of the evening. Quavo was joined by a choir. The performance was deeply moving and Quavo looked heartbroken and solemn.

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Unfortunately, many thought the announcer mixed up Quavo and Takeoff, claiming that Quavo died. Twitter was rightly upset by the mistake and called out the Grammys for this error. “Hol on…did she just say Quavo’s one of the music artists we lost recently?!” one person tweeted. “Was that a pic of Quavo up there as an artist who just recently passed?!! #GRAMMYS” another wrote.

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However, others were quick to correct this. It turned out that the announcer was introducing all of the artists who were performing the tributes rather than saying who died. However, the delivery was really confusing. “I heard it too but she was saying those are the ppl honoring the ones that were lost. It was a writing flaw,” someone noted. “They were naming all the performers about to perform for the people that died this year,” another added. So it was a near mistake, but an unfortunate one because it distracted people from the moving tribute.

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the painfully offensive mistake fans misheard during quavos 2023 grammys tribute to takeoff

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