The Chainsmokers ft Bully Songs “’Good Intentions mp3”


The Chainsmokers are novel and not the same as different musicians in that they can smoothly recount a story in their video and music. Positive aims radiate goodness in the heart, in different life circumstances. In the song, the musician guarantees that he has an admission to make: he has been driven off track, he is making a decent attempt to change in spite of the fact that it is incomprehensible, and he adheres to his ways. He sings that his words amount to nothing, and there is no other option for him. He asserts the street to damnation is cleared with benevolent goals, thus at whatever point he falls he will tumble to his young lady. He says it was unrealistic to oppose, yet he merits absolution for squandering his time, in spite of the fact that words amount to nothing.

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