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Skiibii Mayana Highlights Fans’ Role in Causing Conflicts among Artists in the Music Industry

In an exclusive interview with HipTV on Wednesday, popular Nigerian musician Abbey Elias, better known as Skiibii Mayana, expressed his belief that fans play a significant role in instigating conflicts among artists in the music industry. The 30-year-old singer opined that supporters often fuel rivalries between artists based on speculations, ultimately leading to strife.

Addressing the issue, Skiibii urged his colleagues in the industry to adopt a more harmonious approach, emphasizing the importance of letting love lead. He acknowledged that fans have the freedom to express their opinions, but it is crucial for artists to maintain a positive relationship with each other.

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“I believe that, in most cases, the problem lies with the fans. They tend to compare artists and make statements like ‘Michael Jackson is better than Tupac’,” Skiibii said, illustrating the negative impact such comparisons can have. “Tupac might feel challenged and retaliate, leading to a strained relationship between the two. Personally, I think it’s unnecessary. Let’s prioritize love at all times. Let the fans have their own opinions, but ensure that you maintain a good relationship with your colleagues,” he added.

During the interview, Skiibii also shed light on his diverse musical style and how it contributes to his longevity in the industry. According to the talented musician, versatility is key to keeping one’s music fresh and engaging for audiences. By catering to different tastes and genres, an artist can avoid the risk of becoming monotonous or repetitive.

“It’s important to be versatile because it gives you longevity. Your music doesn’t get boring because you’re feeding every angle,” Skiibii explained. He showcased his ability to seamlessly explore various styles and genres, highlighting that versatility was his magic. By embracing this advantage, he believes he can continue to captivate his fans with his creativity and innovation.

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Skiibii’s insightful and thought-provoking interview has sparked a conversation within the music industry. Many artists and fans alike are now reflecting on the role they play in perpetuating conflicts and rivalries. With the industry becoming increasingly competitive, it is crucial to focus on fostering a sense of camaraderie and support among artists.

As an industry veteran with over 21 years of experience, Skiibii’s words carry weight and resonate with his followers. His call for unity and love is a refreshing departure from the often divisive narrative that can dominate the music scene. By promoting a culture of respect and collaboration, the music industry can thrive, allowing artists to focus on their craft and deliver exceptional performances that connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Skiibii’s unique perspective and insights have resonated not only with his fans but also with industry professionals. His interview has already garnered significant attention online and is gaining traction as an important discussion topic. By shedding light on the impact of fan-driven rivalries and advocating for a spirit of unity, Skiibii has cemented himself as both an influential musician and an advocate for positive change within the industry.

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