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Signs to a Rogue Slots Casino

Sadly, as technology strides ever forward breaking barriers thought unimaginable a few years ago, cyber-crime and online fraud creeps alongside – play sec.

Moreover, with all the vast amounts of money involved in iGaming in 2021, it’s a sector that cyber-criminals aim to target. Globally, the iGaming industry is worth billions of pounds and gamblers registering on sites must be aware and vigilant with their personal and financial data – learn more now.

Rogue casinos: The tell-tale signs

Although the vast majority of online casinos are reputable sites intending to offer gamers a wide and entertaining range of content, as with anything, it’s a small minority that ruin it for the rest.

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However, there are some tell-tale signs and indicators that you can look out for to see if an online casino looks suspicious.

  •         Offers that are too good to be true – Usually under the guise of “free cash” or “no wagering requirements”. Without being cynical, it’s still right to be sceptical about offers like this. They’re simply not financially viable for casinos and after depositing your initial £100, you won’t be able to cash it back out.
  •         Unfamiliar games – When you were researching slots titles to play, you’ll have seen or heard of some of the most well-known ones. If you’ve never heard of any on the website you’re on, they could be bogus games
  •         Lack if RTP percentage – Online casinos are legally obliged to display the games’ RTP percentage to demonstrate that gamblers have a fair chance of winning. If it’s not on display, that’s a huge red flag.
  •         No contact number or email address – You’ve deposited £100 and now want to withdraw your cash again. You’re running into problems doing so and are frantically searching for someone to contact to assist. You can’t find anything. This is a clear sign that the online casino is fraudulent. Always sign up with sites that have live chats, or customer service centres to phone.
  •         Unlicenced by the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) – If the site does not display that it is licenced, monitored, and regulated by the UKGC, you should never sign up and deposit your money.

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Who are the UKGC?

In the UK, we are somewhat fortunate to have an active governmental body that regulates online gambling, serving to protect members of the public and their money.

Online Casinos

They continuously strive to make sure that online casinos abide by all the rules and regulations set out in UK law. As a result, online casinos in the UK must obtain and display a licence from the UKGC.

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Born out of the 2005 Gambling Act, the UKGC’s main objectives are to:

  •         prevent gambling from being a source of crime or disorder
  •         ensure that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way, and
  •         protect children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling.


Modern online gamblers must be savvy. Although the UKGC will do its best to protect you and your money, there’s certainly an element of self-responsibility too.

Before signing up on a site and depositing funds, do your research. A good way of checking is to read the forums about the site and see what people are saying.

If people are giving bad reviews and complaining about non-payments, stay away!

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