A dad, believed to be in Ukraine, has prompted outrage after he uploaded a video of him swinging his daughter round his head like she’s a rag doll, while the tot screamed.

The dad uploaded the sickening video to YouTube with the title, “the smallest world champion in gymnastics”. Apparently, he is training her to be flexible and preparing her to be a gymnast but a lot of people felt he went too far.


In the four-minute video, he is seen holding the baby by her arms as he swings her from side to side, and then around his head. He is also seen holding the baby by one leg and spinning her around his head. In one heart-stopping moment, the dad holds the child up with both feet in just one hand. The baby is heard making some frightened squealing noises, but doesn’t appear to scream in great distress during the stunt.

As he spins the child, he says to the camera: “Astronauts do this exercise during their training”.

Viewers were not pleased and called him out for it.

“What an idiot!” one wrote.

“They should punish you,” added another.

See the outrageous video below.


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