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Rising Star Ifeanyi Mathew Aims to Join Super Eagles After Stellar Performances for FC Zurich


In a remarkable display of talent, Ifeanyi Mathew, the 26-year-old former Flying Eagles midfielder, has caught the attention of football enthusiasts with his outstanding performances for FC Zurich in the Swiss top flight. With one goal and one assist in just six league outings this season, Mathew’s remarkable form has sparked hopes of a potential call-up to the prestigious Super Eagles national team.

Mathew’s journey to the limelight has been nothing short of impressive. Having previously represented the home-based Super Eagles, Mathew has set his sights on a greater challenge, hoping to don the green and white jersey of the Super Eagles in the near future. Expressing his confidence in his abilities, Mathew stated, “I strongly believe that I can contribute a lot to the Super Eagles. Austin Jay Okocha was a great player during his time in the Super Eagles. We all look up to him and other top midfielders while growing up. I’m not Okocha, but I believe I can make the Super Eagles stronger.”

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Mathew’s performances for FC Zurich have been nothing short of stellar. His ability to control the midfield, create scoring opportunities, and contribute to the team’s offensive play has not gone unnoticed. With his goal-scoring prowess and playmaking skills, Mathew has quickly become one of the revelations of the Swiss top flight this season. His impact on the pitch has not only elevated his team’s performance but has also caught the attention of national team selectors.

The Super Eagles, known for their rich footballing history and talented players, are always on the lookout for fresh talent to strengthen their squad. Mathew’s consistent performances and potential have put him on the radar of the national team coaching staff. With his impressive goal and assist tally, Mathew has proven that he has what it takes to compete at the highest level.

As Mathew continues to impress on the field, his aspirations of representing Nigeria at the international level grow stronger. His determination and hunger to succeed are evident in his performances for FC Zurich. The young midfielder’s journey from the youth ranks to the top flight has been marked by hard work, dedication, and a burning desire to achieve greatness.

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In addition to his footballing prowess, Mathew’s character and attitude off the pitch have also contributed to his rising reputation. Known for his humility and respect for the game, Mathew embodies the qualities that make a true sportsman. His dedication to improving his skills and his willingness to learn from the greats of the game have earned him the respect of his teammates and fans alike.

With his performances catching the eye of football enthusiasts worldwide, Mathew’s inclusion in the Super Eagles squad seems like a natural progression. As he continues to impress for FC Zurich, the national team selectors will undoubtedly be closely monitoring his progress. If Mathew’s form and consistency persist, it may only be a matter of time before he receives the call-up he so eagerly awaits.

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As the football world eagerly awaits Mathew’s potential inclusion in the Super Eagles, there is no denying the excitement surrounding his rise to prominence. With his impressive performances, determination, and hunger for success, Mathew has the potential to become a valuable asset to the Nigerian national team. Only time will tell if his dreams of representing the Super Eagles will come true, but one thing is certain – Ifeanyi Mathew is a name to remember in Nigerian football.



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