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Renowned Nigerian Music Executive, Don Jazzy, Embraces His Destiny as a Star Maker

In an exclusive podcast interview with Fisayo Fosudo, the legendary Nigerian music executive and talent developer, Michael Collins Ajereh, popularly known as Don Jazzy, unveiled his divine mandate to help people and shape the music industry.

With a successful career spanning decades, Don Jazzy has become a household name in the Nigerian music scene. However, his priorities have evolved over the years, leading him to focus on more than just his own musical endeavors. He has taken on the role of a mentor and guide, dedicated to finding and nurturing young artists into global superstars.

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“I basically started as a musician, but along the line, I started doing different things,” Don Jazzy shared. “Finding, growing young artists into global superstars and things like that.”

Don Jazzy’s passion for helping others extends beyond the realm of music. He believes in building and strengthening the Nigerian music ecosystem as a whole, leveraging his influential brand to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

“It’s my calling to help people grow,” he emphasized. “I have a strong conviction that I know how to work with people.”

Drawing from his own experiences as a young artist navigating the music industry, Don Jazzy understands the challenges and obstacles that newcomers face. He recognizes the importance of guidance and support in their journey to success.

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“In our early stage when we started [as musicians], we were kind of lost for a while before we got our balance,” Don Jazzy recalled. “So, if I see young artists now, I’m like, ‘if this person doesn’t have guidance before they get to a certain level, they might just be lost as well.'”

Don Jazzy’s mission is to expedite the growth and development of aspiring artists, ensuring they have the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive. He firmly believes that those who have already walked the path should share their wisdom and experiences with others.

“It would be nice if we could speed up the process,” he expressed. “It would be nice if somebody that has been down the road before… You know where the potholes dey dey, you can just tell the person say, ‘I don pass this road before. Avoid this road, follow here.'”

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He emphasized the importance of learning from those who have already achieved success in the industry, stating, “Follow who know road, follow who know road.’ If the person that has gone there before and knows the road does not want to show somebody the road, you cannot be following for no reason.”

Don Jazzy’s commitment to sharing knowledge and providing guidance stems from his genuine desire to see others thrive. He believes that anyone with valuable insights on how to survive should share them with others, creating a supportive and collaborative environment within the music industry.

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As a highly respected figure in the Nigerian music scene, Don Jazzy’s dedication to helping others and shaping the industry is commendable. His divine mandate to be a star maker has already made a significant impact, and his continued efforts will undoubtedly shape the future of Nigerian music.

With his vast experience, knowledge, and passion, Don Jazzy is not only a star in his own right but also a guiding light for aspiring artists, leading them towards success and fulfillment in their musical journeys.

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