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Prince Jackson Embraces His Role as Eldest Sibling, Inspiring His Younger Brother Blanket

In the world of the Jacksons, being the eldest child means carrying a significant amount of responsibility. Prince Jackson, the oldest of Michael Jackson’s three kids, recently opened up about his role as the leader of the pack. In an interview with People, Prince revealed, “[B] because I’m the oldest, my father would always tell me I have to make sure the group is taken care of, and that I have to kind of be the leader and lead by example.”

Prince understands the weight of his position and the impact it has on his younger siblings, Paris and Blanket “Bigi” Jackson. However, he admits that after the passing of their iconic father, he leaned on his younger siblings for support. To Prince, it may have seemed like he slacked off on his eldest sibling duties, but to Blanket, Prince became the one he looked up to the most.

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It’s a tale as old as time – younger siblings idolizing their older counterparts. Even within one of the most famous families in the world, the Jacksons, this dynamic holds true. In 2019, a family insider shared with Hollywood Life that Blanket deeply respects his older brother, Prince. According to the insider, “Blanket looks up to Prince so much. Prince has really taken his brother under his wing and is his main role model. Prince really protects his brother as they have a real close bond. They go through life as a team.”

At the time, Prince attended Loyola Marymount, a university conveniently close to home and, more importantly, close to Bigi. This proximity allowed Prince to be there for his younger brother, offering guidance and support. The insider added, “Being home allows him to look after Blanket, plus, they’re always hanging out.” The bond between the two brothers remains unbreakable, no matter what challenges life throws their way.

Prince’s dedication to his role as the eldest sibling is admirable. He understands the importance of leading by example and being a reliable source of support for his siblings. It’s evident that he takes his father’s words to heart and strives to fulfill his responsibilities to the best of his abilities.

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The Jackson family has always captivated the public’s attention, and the close bond between Prince and Blanket is no exception. Their relationship serves as a reminder that fame and fortune do not diminish the significance of sibling connections. Despite growing up in the spotlight, Prince and Blanket have managed to maintain a strong brotherly bond, grounded in love and mutual respect.

His commitment to his family and his willingness to embrace his role as a leader is truly commendable. It’s heartwarming to witness the support and love shared between these siblings, reminding us all of the importance of family.

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Prince Jackson’s journey as the eldest sibling in the Jackson family is a testament to the power of sibling bonds. His dedication to being a role model for his younger brother, Blanket, showcases the strength of their relationship. As they navigate life together, Prince’s leadership and Blanket’s admiration create an unbreakable team. The Jacksons’ story serves as a reminder that family support and love can withstand any challenge that comes their way.

michael jacksons sons prince and blanket have grown up to be close

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