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O.J. Simpson’s Journey Behind Bars: From the Harrowing “Fish Tank” to Settling into Life at Lovelock Correctional Center

In August 2023, former NFL player Henry Ruggs made headlines when he was sentenced to prison for causing the death of a young woman while driving under the influence in Nevada. This incident brought back memories for O.J. Simpson, who reflected on his own experience behind bars after being sentenced in 2008. Simpson’s time at Lovelock Correctional Center was relatively smooth, but the beginning of his prison sentence was far from easy.

Simpson vividly described the initial days after his sentencing, stating, “They put you in something called holding lockdown. We called it the ‘Fish Tank.'” The “Fish Tank” refers to Nevada’s High Desert State Prison, where inmates are temporarily held before being transferred to their designated facilities. Simpson revealed that during this period, prisoners were confined to a room without any personal belongings or amenities. “They give you absolutely nothing. I mean nothing,” he emphasized. The lack of human contact and basic necessities took a toll on Simpson’s mental well-being, and after three days, he reached his breaking point. Desperate for help, he sought assistance from the prison’s pastor, who provided him with a copy of the Bible to find solace in.

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Simpson expressed his hope that Ruggs would be sent to Lovelock after his time in the “Fish Tank.” He compared Lovelock to heaven in comparison, highlighting the stark contrast in living conditions. As a celebrity, Simpson was initially segregated from the general population during his first few months at Lovelock. This measure was taken to ensure his safety and avoid any potential altercations. However, this separation also meant that Simpson had limited interactions with other inmates, which can be isolating in a prison environment.

During his initial years at Lovelock, Simpson faced another challenge – weight gain. In an interview with the New York Post in 2013, he admitted, “I gained weight eating all those beans, but just because I can’t get enough fruits and vegetables.” The prison diet, lacking in fresh produce, contributed to his weight gain. Despite this setback, Simpson gradually adjusted to his life behind bars.

Over time, Simpson managed to find his place within the inmate community. He ingratiated himself with fellow prisoners, forming friendships and connections that provided him with a sense of belonging. This adjustment period was crucial for Simpson, as it allowed him to navigate the challenges of prison life and establish a routine.

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While Simpson’s experience in prison may have started with hardship and isolation, his journey ultimately led him to settle into life at Lovelock Correctional Center. His story serves as a reminder that even in the toughest of circumstances, individuals can find ways to adapt and find solace.

As O.J. Simpson reflects on his time behind bars, his words shed light on the realities of prison life and the challenges faced by inmates. His experiences at the “Fish Tank” and Lovelock Correctional Center provide a unique perspective on the prison system, offering insights that can help us understand the complexities of life behind bars.

what o j simpson has said about his experience in prison

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