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Nigerians react: Viral bank robbery video

A video clip showing a robbery of a branch of Zenith Bank along Wetheral Road, Owerri, Imo State, hit the Internet on Thursday, over three months after the attack on February 22, 2017. The almost three-minute video, believed to have been generated from a Closed Circuit Television Camera of the bank, showed the moment a car abruptly pulled onto the premises of the bank as three gun-wielding passengers dismounted and began shooting indiscriminately. A brave policeman on guard and one of the robbers were killed in the crossfire

Pray before going to bank Lt.-Gen Ayodele Ojo (retd.)

I am never afraid to go to the bank. It is the same general insecurity everywhere. It is not different from being robbed on the highway while travelling. You cannot say that because you are likely to be robbed on the highway, you will not travel by road.

It is not only robbery. What about kidnapping on the road while travelling? The insecurity everywhere is the main issue that must be addressed. If one must go to the bank, the person should pray to God for protection before going. There is nothing anybody can do if armed robbers strike when you are in the banking hall. They strike without warning and at anytime. The only thing to do probably is to reduce one’s number of visits to the bank as much as possible – only when it is very necessary. If possible, most bank transactions should also be done online.

 We’ve to take cashless policy seriously Deji Yesufu, engineer

I watched the robbery video on Punch’s website just yesterday (Thursday). It was shocking to say the least. I am certainly not afraid of going to the bank. The video only reveals the reality of our time and the need to take precautionary measures when in public.

First of all, the video shows the reason we all have to take cashless policy of the government seriously. Less cash transactions will occasion lesser bank visits. But if I must go, then I will ensure I make use of the ATM which is usually on the precinct of the bank. And if I must enter the bank, I’ve got to simply be careful.

The general precaution of being submissive to attackers and never playing James Bond should save a person. In case of an attack, lie down on the ground and if one is approached by robbers, obey them.

Bank guards should be well armed Morakinyo Abiola, banker

Yes, I watched the video. But it does not deter me from (going to) banks. The police should ensure that (security) men guarding banks are adequately armed for prompt response to attacks. Also, there is the need to be watchful and conscious while within any bank premises.

It was like a movie Ayobami Adebayo, educationist

I saw it (the Zenith bank robbery video) yesterday. But, I am not afraid to visit any bank if I have to. It was a brazen act by the men who drove in a black car. It was something you are more likely to see in Nigerian movies. They were so casual about it. We live in interesting times and things we are only privileged to watch in American videos, now play out freely in our neighbourhoods. The video also reminds one that unexpected events can befall anybody at any time. In view of that, our activities should always be committed in the hands of God.  God is the best source of protection anyone can lean on.

I’m vigilant in banks — Quadri Olowolagba, media practitioner

I have seen the video. No matter how shocking it may seem, I am not afraid to go the bank if I have to. Nevertheless, I am always watchful. I am observant of my environment and I try to look at people. The appearance and face can tell a lot about who they are. So, I study people’s countenances to decide whether trouble is likely to happen or not. What we have learnt in the video is that security is not just the business of the bank. It is the business of everyone using the bank.

Kudos to bank’s CCTV  — Michael Adeyemi, student

I was shocked at first; we as individuals need to be more security conscious, and we should be careful as regarding who we share our movements with. A report has it that they (the robbers) traced the customer to the bank. I’m sure it’s someone who knew the customer that tipped the robbers off. Kudos to the bank for their CCTV. They need to start barring cars from entering their premises. I’ll have to start taking advantage of the online banking platform. Henceforth, for me, no more frequent visits to the banks, except it is absolutely necessary.

All bank branches need policemen — Uju-Amaka Ofili, advert practitioner

I was shocked and sad after watching the video. I’ve always been sceptical about going to banks and that scepticism has tripled with the release of this video. I think mobile policemen should be present at the entrance of every bank in Nigeria and CCTV cameras are definitely a must-have for all bank branches. In the end, only God is the ultimate protector.

Thank God for  online banking — Tobi Somto, student

I’m stunned, to be honest. I was always a little sceptical about entering banks. With this incident, coupled with the robberies in Osun State, I don’t think I’d be so quick to rush onto any bank premises anytime soon.

Thank God for online banking. I think there should be more policemen at banks.

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