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Morning Teaser ‘My fiance wants me to pay my bride price’ Princess, a 38-year-old woman has been betrayed by all the men she dated and in her desperation to get married, Neto wants her to sponsor the wedding.

My name is Princess, a 38-year-old single lady. I work with an oil company in Lagos and also do some supplying business by the side.

Without being immodest here, I must say that God has blessed me and I have made some good money. I have two houses where I rented out to tenants. I live in my own duplex and have three cars.

People see me as a happy and fulfilled woman but deep down, I am not happy at all because of my single status. I get very sad that all my younger sisters are all married and at their weddings, I am always the mother of the day or the sponsor.

People make fun of me behind my back and one of my uncles once asked me if my wealth will replace a husband and children in my life. That day, I cried so much and kept asking God whether he made me go through life without a husband.

It is not that I have not been in relationships before. I have had quite a few but they all ended after the men must have gotten what they want from me which are often my money and body.

I am very generous, to a fault, to say the least. I always want any man I date to be comfortable and I give them every comfort I can, all in the hope that they will find me worthy to settle down with. I know many will say I want to use my money to get a man but that is far from the truth.

I met Neto last year and fell madly in love with him. At first, Neto pretended to be different from other men. He made me feel that he was not after my money and that made me think I had finally found my man.

He proposed to me in June and I took him to meet my family and a date was fixed for the wedding. His family too accepted me and always ran to me whenever they needed help. At his mother’s burial, I played a key role and gave him N2 million to cover the expenses.

But he is using my desperation to get married against me. Can you imagine that Neto wants me to pay my bride price and practically provide the money for the wedding?

It is not that he is not making money because he is in charge of my distribution trucks and I also know that he has cornered a lot of my money but I have not bothered to ask him because I see him as my husband and what I have should belong to him.

But for him to ask him to finance our wedding is something that has given me a second thought. How would a woman pay her bride price and take up all the expenses for her wedding? I am really confused.


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we want you to tell Princess what to. Is it right for a woman to sponsor her own wedding while the man contributes nothing?

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