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Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News Show Becomes Platform for False Claims by Newt Gingrich about Democrats and Elections

Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News show on Sunday became a platform for ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich to spew unverified falsehoods about Democrats and elections, while Bartiromo threw him softball questions. Gingrich is a Fox News contributor who offered no proof to his claims that union workers forced nursing-home residents to vote for Democrats and that fair elections have become impossible. During the segment, Bartiromo asked Gingrich if the Republicans were doing enough to ensure a “free and fair election” in 2024, to which he replied, “it’s probably almost impossible under current law to ensure an accurate election.”

The former lawmaker also made outrageous claims, stating that “in states dominated by Democrats, like New York, Illinois, California, you just have to assume that the machine will steal as much as it can.” Gingrich went on to allege that “when you have the local union, which takes care of people in a nursing home going in to vote, the people who literally don’t cognitively know what they’re doing, you know that that union is going to vote every single one of them for a Democrat no matter what their personal beliefs were,” insinuating that this led to Democrats winning an election.

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Bartiromo, who had been a prominent figure in Dominion Voting System’s defamation lawsuit against Fox News, where it claimed that the network had falsely claimed machines were rigged in the 2020 presidential election, seemed to have gone back on her word. Fox News agreed to pay $787.5 million in its settlement of the suit, but Bartiromo gave Gingrich a platform to spout more right-wing conspiracy theories about election “integrity.” Relying on a Trafalgar voting group pollster Robert Cahaly, to stoke fears of “untraceable” votes in his segment, Gingrich made more unfounded claims, such as “if you have a very close election, Democrats have a passion for stealing them.”

Bartiromo’s show has been part of Smartmatic’s pending lawsuit, which claims Fox News repeated falsehoods that Smartmatic voting machines tilted the election in President Joe Biden’s favor. Reports suggest that Bartiromo and Gingrich were careful to make no specific allegations, perhaps trying to avoid becoming part of another defamation lawsuit.

Bartiromo is known to have touted conspiracy theories on her show, including ones about the 2020 election and vaccines. She has been criticized for spreading misinformation and falsehoods, and with her recent conduct on her show, many are calling for her to be taken off the air.

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While Fox News has made efforts to correct its misinforming reporting and has apologized for the misinformation it had spread, the network still allows its hosts to promote falsehoods and conspiracy theories about Democrats and the election. With the demand for accurate news increasing, it is essential for news networks to provide accurate and unbiased reporting.

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