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Magical Japanese cream that erase black spots, eats up annoying pimples & removes your wrinkles in 14 days!


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Dear LIB addicts, do you have ugly black spot all over your body?, Do you have acne & pimples that are hiding your beauty? Do you want to look younger? cry no more! I’ve got good news for you!

A top secret  Miracle Cream popularly called the “Miracle Horse Oil”   which is used to attack all sort of annoying skin wahala  just landed in the country, and you HAVE to try is out!

 Why Should You?
Before I continue gisting you about this top secret, POTENT skin care miracle, kindly allow me to show “Evidence” that this is actually the secret & fountain of youth!

Here’s What a Top American  Skin Expert have to say about it:


I think that enough to show any “Doubting Thomas ” that this is REAL.

Good Day dear LIB Addict, I’m Sister Taiwo, a 28 year old  a Skin Care fanatic & former Black Spot sufferer like you…

But allow me to ask…
  • Are You Struggling With Annoying Black Spots?
  • Do you Have Acne and Pimples?
  • Is your Back spot & Acne making your so unhappy?
  • Are you Looking a 90 Yrs Old Woman & Want to look 20 Again?
  • Do You want to Get Rid of It Finally?

I UNDERSTAND how you feel because  I was once in your shoes and I know how it feels my friend and I tell you, the feeling it NOT funny at all
I used to have annoying Black spots all over my skin right from when I was a teenager, thought it was because  I had a sensitive skin.

Special thanks to the all mighty Chicken Pox  &  my sensitive skin… rather it got worse and never went as I grew.


As if that’s not even enough, I had this annoying Pimples and Acne all over my body including my Back!
It got so serious my best friend call me “Taye Black Spots” and all sort of funny names.
I was so scared to even  wear sexy dresses.
I hated taking Pics as I think the Camera Man Will Snap my Ugly Black Spots

I Was  Made Me Depressed & Totally Unhappy
The most annoying part was that this Black Spot & Acne wahala made me lose 3 Super Rich Suitors!
I was so embarrassed  as many of them run always upon see that I had all sort of spots all over my body….the worst part is that I now a chronic acne problem.

In Short, I broke up with one of my ex lover all because he saved my saved my name as “Black Spot gf”
Can You Imagine!
I got mad & went all out to get rid of it permanently.

My dear LIB addicts, I tried  all sort of rubbish and nonsense…is it bio oil? Is it Sea Butter that just makes me black for nothing?
It is all those skin destroying Mixed Cream?
Haba! I have tried them all Baby!
All sort of nonsense creams? All sort of stupid medication!
In short many of those annoying shits actually made it worse!
Not Until 2015  Years  did I discover a  working cure to my annoying black spot  wahala that have not only helped me got rid of my embarrassing black spot, but also made my skin baby smooth!

All thanks to my sweet Aunt! She Showed me a Quick and Effective Solution That Never Fail
So I feel it’s time to spill the beans & now I have a mission; To help over 10,000 serious Naija people get rid of their annoying black spot before the end of 2016!

So If you have Ugly  black spots all over your body & you really desire to  get rid of it ASAP, BABE (and BOBOS in the house)  read this article and TAKE ACTION fast as it’s for your own benefit!

Look At the Result This Amazing Miracle Horse Oil Have Does to Some Of My Friends life!


It was even  better than Ijebu Juju!


It also reduce the wrinkles in your face too!


Men are not Left out!


Do you want to look younger? Forget Botox! Horse Oil Got you covered!


 Now You Can look Younger than Your Real Age! And Watch as your Hobby Lights Up His face when is sees you! 🙂                            
 All thanks to the amazing Miracle Horse Oil Cream, I can proudly say that I’m now Drop dead gorgeous, my friends want to know the secret to my youthful  spotless skin!
Best part is that men get obsessed about me! Maybe because my skin is so flawless and spotless!
All thanks to the amazing “Horse Oil Cream”I am now a beauty Queen!
With This Amazing Cream, you can KILL your Black Spot, Murder Your Acne and Erase Your Black spot….
                      So how doe the Legendary Horse Oil Work?

In Japanese Lingua There is Skin Care Secret Called “BAHYU”
What is BAHYU?

BAHYU is oil obtained from horse fat just like other animal oil such as from pig fat or lanolin from sheep wool. It is 100% natural and additive free.
For centuries in Japan BAHYU has been widely known as a home remedy for burns, dry skin, cuts, chapped skin and hemorrhoids. BAHYU has been used safely without a doctor’s prescription, as it can be used in food and there are no side effects. Traditional Chinese medicines also recommend using BAHYU to treat eczema and acne.
Wanna See More?

SO How Can You Did You Deal With Your Annoying Black Spots, Acne and Wrinkles?
It’s Quite Simple Actually,
“Miracle Horse Oil Cream!”

The Ultimate Black Spot Removal, Acne Removal & Wrinkle Removal Cream that Eliminates Black Spots, Wrinkles & Pimples in less than 14 days!

With This 100% Naturally Manufactured Cream, I can confidently cross my heart that you’ll have so much confident like Kim K! 

  • Your Skin will be so flawless, your close friend’s will be FORCED to envy you!
  • All the Men will Droll around You, and all the ladies will want to be your friends

In short, with this cream, you are sure to have a spotless cream that will be as “flawless” and “Fresh” like that of Queen Beyoncé.

A Tiny Little Secret about the amazing Cream is that it also makes you look younger!
See the result of friends abroad who have used it

This is NOT just a blatant claim, it has been tested and trusted worldwide!

Even Google Says It Works 100%!
Sound so good to be true?
If you still don’t believe me, I HONESTLY  Understand How feel…..
I really do, so much lies about the “Ultimate Cures” and I used to think this was all “FAKE” too!
But to be honest with you…it actually works!
You see, when I  heard about it, I was skeptical as HELL like you.

But you might have to give it a try because this is kind of a Bonanza offer, The price will soon be sky rocketed in 5 days time & it will be so bad of you if you have not got your Slot of the amazing cream!
Because I have seen so many FAKE cream being promoted online by gullible Naija people! And if you buy the FAKE stuff, you are going to create more problem for yourself.
So You have to be smart about it…
But, All thanks to  my sweet lovely Aunty who showed me where I can get the ORIGINAL Miracle Horse Oil, from Japan, where it was made.
This amazing cream easily helped me get rid of the Black Spot in less than 14 days.  

So the Supplier said Each costs N24,000 EACH!

So I imported just 2 Jars of the cream which cost me a total of N48,000 + Shipping cost of over N10,000 via DHL

So I Spent N58,000 for 2 creams!

I know…I Know…Expensive Right?

But is it not better than giving a dermatologist N250k and still have black spots?

            But My Dark Spot Started Fading in Less  Than 14 Days After Using it!

 Want a Natural Cure to Her Black Spot Today?
“I want to help a minimum of 10,000 People get rid of their annoying Black Spots”

So I stuck a deal with the manufacturers & they have sent me 50 pcs for an Affordable Price. 
So it means I have only 50 pcs, and we speak, over 5000 thousand people reading this article as we speak. 
So if you want to book your cream you’ll have tohurry up and register here=>
Trust Me, You’ll Never Regret it.

BEST PART is that it also restores skin elasticity and nourishes your skin making it smooth like that of a baby & lawless like Tiwa Savage Skin.

The best part is that this cream is made from purely NATURAL plant’s

·         Smells Nice And Fresh

·         NO Lead & Mercury In it

·         NO Alcohol Free

·         No Side Effect (Promise you won’t have green vain after using it LOL)
As you know Black spot cream is very expensive…some even sell as high as 35,000 and this is not a lie.
But the Miracle Horse Oil is very affordable
So How much is it?

N48,000? Nope!

N36,000? Close But not Close at All..
Oh okay, so how will this cream you got for N48,000 go for?
My dear LIB addict, you see I am doing this just to help out my fellow Nigeria, but it cos me a lot of money to bring it in, so due to that fact, I will give it to you for just…

N20,000 For 2 Jars if you want a PARFECT Job.
YES you heard me right, you get N20,000 with free shipping for 2 Jars!

You Want this Potent solution?
Honestly, this is the cheapest you can get an original, so don’t think it’s even expensive.

Honestly this cream also worked well for me & also helps increases blood circulation to the Outer layer of my skin & REVERSED the Black Spot, and I know it will do the same for you too!
You Should give it a try & see how your friends will be jealous of your new look!
For the Doubting Thomas’s or Skeptical Theresa’s on LIB , here’s are testimonies for you.
Teresa’s  Black Spot’s  Fades Off!

                                     Melissa’s Recommends It!

So let’s Round Up.
If you have Black Spot, used the Onion Juice, it will make it fade away in 3 months.

But if you want a quicker way to deal with it…you’ll have to get the ORIGINAL Miracle Horse Oil  Cream today HERE ==>

And I promise that you’ll be glad you did 14 days after!
  • Imagine HAVING a Baby Smooth Skin that’s Spotless, Smooth and Fresh?
  •  Imagine FINALLY  Eliminating all those irritating black spots on your Skin once and for all? 
  • Imagine NEVER having Pimples, Black Spot and Acne Again?   
  •  Imagine a Cream so Good, it EATS up you Wrinkles?

The Miracle Horse Oil Cream is the EXACT skin solution you need to get that smooth, spotless skin to die for! And TODAY and only TODAY, you have the RARA opportunity to have a Taste of what ONLY Royalties in Asia use-The Amazing Horse Oil Cream!

But you’ll have to hurry to get yours  as I have JUST 50 pcs left at home as we speak and I know the demand might be over 5,000  people are reading this…I so sorry, I could only afford 50 pcs for now, but you can lock down you spot today by going here=>

Yours Sister
Sister Taiwo

WARNING:  If you know you want it NOW, and you want to be the first to get it, it will  cost you Just N20,000 only for 2 Jars of Horse Oil


2 Jars (for Fast Result)=> N20,000 ONLY! (Instead of N24,000)

                            (Instead of The Normal N48,000!)

**(1 Jar is sold for Just N12,000)

Act Fast today as there is a RARE Sweet“Fast Action” Bonus if You Place Your Order Right Away, here is the fast action bonus=>

                                                                    FAST ACTION BONUS!
“Ashy Bines, Green Smoothy Revolution!”

This is an RARE ebook that contains Simple but powerful Smoothie Recipes for Flushing Away Free Radicals in Your Body System So You Can Keep Glowing, With a Smooth and Youthful Looking Skin!


                                               Shipping Is Free!

  We Bring Your Black Spot Cream, Your Take Delivery & Pay the Dispatch!


Here’s How to Place an Order NOW!

Hurry Up & send this info, as SMS to=>0909-515-9064

*Horse Oil *Your full Name*Email*Delivery address (Including Local Govt& State)*Best phone numbers*

E.g; *Horse Oil*Olubunmi Odion**No 62, Iyanaaja street,Kwara, Kwara East LG, Kano*08020002822

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will confirm the order, and We dispatch your order.

You’ll receive it within 3-5 business days & pay the dispatch the cash On delivery!

I really hope you don’t miss out in the 47 available slots.

Allow Me Ask You A Question…..
Why Do You Want to Get Rid of Your Black Spot?
  • You see for me, I needed my confidence & Self Esteem back to be happy and Secure my New Relationship marriage.
  • It might be something totally different for you; 
  • May be you don’t like what you see when you stand in front of the mirror naked.
  • May be you wan to feel comfortable when you put on a Sexy Dress 
  • It could be that you want to get rid of your scars and spots because they irritate you.
  • Or you simply want to look good.
Or Maybe for something not mention here.
Believe me the Horse Oil Got you covered.

So why NOT hurry and get your own piece of this miracle cream (and even buy for your family and friends) because it TRULY works as claimed..

So Go on and Place Your Order Now…

Hurry Up & send this info, as SMS to=>0909-515-9064

*Horse Oil *Your full Name*Email*Delivery address (Including Local Govt& State)*Best phone numbers*

E.g; *Horse Oil*Olubunmi Odion**No 62, Iyanaaja street,Kwara, Kwara East LG, Kano*08020002822

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will confirm the order, and We dispatch your order.

You’ll receive it within 3-5 business days & pay the dispatch the cash On delivery!

I really hope you don’t miss out in the 47 available slots.
1)    If you are NOT Serious about Your Black Spot  DO NOT even call us.

2)    If you CAN’T AFFORD IT don’t Order!

3)    And if you are a Serious about it, act fast as this is a limited offer and the price shoots up in 7 days time because this is a Bonanza Price!

4)    Ensure you send Us a traceable Address or forfeit your order!

5)    Once we receive your order details, we will call you and our partner courier
company will bring Your ORIGINAL Horse Oil cream to your address in 3 – 5 working days if you are outside Lagos or  24-48 hour if in Lagos.

Your Beauty Is Our Joy! Have a wonderful day!

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