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Lasisi Elenu Reveals Why Stand-Up Comedy is More Challenging Than Skit-Making

In a recent interview with Hip TV, the renowned comedian and skit maker, Nosa Afolabi, popularly known as Lasisi Elenu, shared his insights on the contrasting challenges between stand-up comedy and skit-making. With his experience in the industry, Elenu shed light on the financial differences and the level of work required for each form of comedic expression.

Elenu emphasized that stand-up comedy demands a different level of skill and dedication. He explained that there is immense pressure on comedians to deliver their best performances consistently. “You’ve to be on your A-game,” Elenu asserted. He further highlighted the need for comedians to have a multitude of materials prepared, allowing them to improvise if a particular joke does not resonate with the audience. This adaptability, according to Elenu, is crucial in the world of stand-up comedy.

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On the other hand, skit-making has become an integral part of Elenu’s artistic repertoire. He described it as something he can do effortlessly at any given moment. “From sleep, it’s a go for me,” Elenu expressed. He explained that he knows how to put himself in tune for skit-making, allowing him to create content consistently. Elenu acknowledged that both stand-up comedy and skit-making can be financially rewarding, but success ultimately depends on how well one channels their efforts.

Elenu emphasized the importance of working smart rather than merely working hard. He debunked the misconception that success is solely determined by the quantity of skit videos produced. Instead, he stressed the need to strategically brand and promote the videos to reach the right audience, ultimately leading to financial rewards. Elenu firmly believes that both skit-making and stand-up comedy have the potential to provide the desired financial gains, as long as the artist approaches them with a smart and calculated mindset.

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With his extensive experience in the industry, Elenu’s insights shed light on the challenges faced by comedians in the modern entertainment landscape. His words resonate with aspiring comedians, providing them with valuable advice on how to navigate the industry successfully.

Lasisi Elenu’s interview provides valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of both stand-up comedy and skit-making. His experiences and expertise in the industry offer aspiring comedians a glimpse into the intricacies of the profession. By understanding the nuances of each comedic form and adopting a smart and strategic approach, artists can achieve financial success in their chosen field.

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