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Kylie Jenner Reveals The Postpartum Issues She’s Still Struggling With

According to Kylie Jenner’s postpartum experience after giving birth a second time hasn’t been easy on her at all. The reality star took to her Instagram Story to reveal that she has been dealing with a lot of pain for four months after welcoming her son. Jenner posted a video of herself walking on a treadmill, writing, “4 months postpartum. I have been dealing with tons of back and knee pain this time so it slows down my workouts but I am on a mission to get strong again.”

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And while there’s no doubt that Jenner is dealing with the same kind of struggles that millions of new moms deal with each year, a lot of her fans can’t help but wonder what’s up with her son’s name. Back on March 22, Jenner revealed that she and her partner Travis Scott decided to change their son’s name because Wolf didn’t suit them or their tot

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anymore. The couple has not confirmed a new name for their son yet, nor have they made any updates about the baby name change, either. Clearly, Jenner is taking things one day at a time while making sure that her fans see only what she wants them to see to keep her privacy intact.

kylie jenner reveals the postpartum issues shes still struggling with

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