Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are making sure no expense is spared when it comes to taking care of the surrogate mother carrying their third child.

According to The Sun, Kim and Kanye are spending nearly $2 million on the surrogate’s security detail in order to ensure that she feels safe and stays away from prying eyes.

The Sun insider said: “Kim and Kanye have rented a place about an hour outside LA in a very nondescript suburb in a middle-class neighbourhood for their surrogate.

“I mean, this is the last place you would think to find the surrogate for one of the richest families in Hollywood. It’s a nice house, actually, split level, and Kanye has cameras put in everywhere in the house and outside too for safety and security – these are state of the art.”

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The surrogate mother also has her own driver in addition to being surrounded by a bevy of security staff at all hours of the day and night.

The source added: “There are six security guards on rotation duties, for nine months. They have rented four different cars, and the surrogate has a driver. So with the rent on the house, expenses for the security staff and their wages – that’s around $1.5 million for the surrogate’s safety. But of course, it’s worth it – they want the best for her and their unborn baby.”

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