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Kate Hudson’s Trainer on How to Get Fit in Time for Your Summer Vacay

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What’s your go-to excuse for not being in shape? Not enough time on your hands? Is your gym too far?

Whatever it may be, after taking a class with Jason Wimberly, the self-titled “King of Lean,” or sitting down with him for 20 minutes (as in our case), you’ll struggle to find the words to excuse your unhealthy ways. The trainer, who works with Kate Hudson, Selma Blair and Sonoya Mizuno to name a few, doesn’t force his clients into a lifestyle of restriction. There isn’t a crazy diet involved. You don’t have to workout three times a day. You just have to do your morning workout, which you can do at home or on the go.

To prove his hassle-free concept of fitness, the trainer is joining W Hotels on their Fuel Weekend in Punta Mita, Mexico, which includes workout classes with the pros, spa treatments, beach parties, zip-lining and an open bar. The all-expense trip, from May 25-28, will cost you over $2,000, but according to Jason, the lifestyle is free.

While you may or may not be heading to Punta Mita, chances are, you will be heading somewhere soon. It’s summer, and more specifically, it’s wedding season. Your go-to excuse as to why you’re not working out on the regular won’t matter when your posing in a matching bathing suit for the inevitable “Bride Squad” vacation photo.

Don’t worry, Jason has fast and efficient ways to get your body snatched in time for your next bikini photo opp. Check out his workout tips below!

Hint: You’ll need lip gloss.

What to do: Move as much of your body as you can
Jason’s studio, The Wall (set to open its LA-based location in June), offers his signature workout, which he says will help you get right and tight fast, if you’re consistent. It includes 10 minutes of core activation, 20 minutes of weight-training and 30 minutes on a spin bike, with a break for lip gloss application because you should like fly while you’re getting fly—okurrr!

“To change your body the most, as quickly as possible, you need to move as much of it as possible,” he shared with us. “Don’t focus on one muscle group, move your body as much as you can with as many compound movements and multi-joint movements, because that increases your metabolic rate and really tones your muscles.”

What not to do: Do cardio, then lift weights
“A lot of people do heavy cardio and then lift weights, depleting their muscles’ ability to lift,” the fitness guru explained. “Your muscles are like batteries. They have a certain amount of energy they can spend and then they have to recharge. If you do cardio, then you try to lift weights, it’s disadvantageous. There’s no point. Your muscles can’t do anything because at that point they’re already maxed out.”

What to do: Focus on your upper back and do workouts that require a twisting motion
“If I have a deadline—I train a lot of models and actresses—I’m working on posture exercises that will get the upper back toned, and anything twisting through the center, because that makes your waist smaller,” he shared.

According to the pro, there are two reasons to focus on these regions.

The first: “By working the back of the shoulder with the bands, upper back toning changes the physique for much. Plus, when your shoulders have a better shape to them, your waist looks smaller.”

Known for his focus on the ab region, his second will shrink your waist: “For your core, anything that has a twisting motion [works]. It works your transverse abdominals and that’s what pulls your waist in. If you learn how to control your transverse [abs], your waist can shrink up to 1.5 inches.”

What not to do: Slouch 
“Good posture makes you look so much leaner, younger and more graceful,” he revealed. “If you’re acting like an older person, you slouch over, so if you want to look the opposite of that, you stand up tall and have good posture. Plus, the majority of our injuries comes from bad posture.”

What to do: The Tabata Workout in the morning
“Tabata is a four-minute exercise, developed by Japanese scientists in the ‘70s for the Olympics. The theory is by pushing your body to an anaerobic threshold—meaning you’re unable to breathe—we can have a higher caloric burn in four minutes, than you would with 40 minutes of cardio. You do 20 seconds of an activity like high knees, mountain climbers, jumping squats, as hard and fast as you can. Then, you take 10 seconds to break. You do that for four minutes.”

What not to do: Waist your vacation doing cardio
“Studies say that cardio is what you need to do. You know, like hop on a treadmill for 45 minutes. It’s so pointless—a waist of your life.”

Four minutes a day for a banging body? We’re raising our margaritas to that!

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