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Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness: Is Their Divorce Getting Messy?


Rumors are swirling about the state of Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness’s relationship following their divorce announcement. Fans have been quick to notice that the former couple no longer follow each other on Instagram, sparking speculation about the state of their post-divorce relationship.

As of November 2023, a glance at Jackman’s Instagram account reveals that he now only follows 32 people, including friends Stanley Tucci and Pedro Pascal, but notably not Furness. Similarly, reports from the Daily Mail indicate that Furness does not actively follow her ex-husband on social media either, leading many to believe that there may be some tension between the two.

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This apparent distancing on social media comes amid rumors that Jackman may already be seeking a new relationship following their shocking divorce announcement. An insider revealed to New Idea magazine in October that “Finding love again is one of his biggest priorities.”

Despite the apparent lack of social media interaction, Jackman has not removed all traces of their relationship from his Instagram page. For instance, a post showing him and Furness moments before they attended the 2023 Met Gala last May remains on his page. Additionally, a sweet tribute post to his ex-wife in honor of their wedding anniversary in April is still visible. The post read, “I love you Deb. Today is our 27th wedding anniversary. 27 YEARS!! I love you so much. Together we have created a beautiful family. And life. Your laughter, spirit, generosity, humor, cheekiness, courage and loyalty is an incredible gift to me. I love you with all my heart.”

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The public display of affection on social media stands in contrast to the speculation about the state of their relationship. It’s unclear whether the apparent unfollowing is a sign of tension or simply a reflection of the changing dynamics of their post-divorce relationship.

As fans continue to speculate about the state of Jackman and Furness’s relationship, it’s important to remember that divorces can be complex and emotional. Regardless of the status of their social media interactions, the former couple’s priority should be finding a way to move forward in a healthy and respectful manner.

With Jackman’s rumored interest in finding love again, it’s clear that both parties are looking towards the future. Whether that future includes amicable co-parenting, a new romantic relationship, or simply a focus on personal growth remains to be seen.

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As the public continues to follow Jackman and Furness’s post-divorce journey, it’s important to respect their privacy and allow them the space to navigate this challenging time in their lives.

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