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HK protesters storm parliament

Protesters have stormed Hong Kong’s Legislative Council (LegCo) building and are occupying the council’s chamber.

Hundreds of demonstrators forced their way into the building by smashing through doors and steel shutters.

The group are a breakaway part of a peaceful protest involving hundreds of thousands of people on the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China.

It is the latest in a series of protests against a controversial bill that would allow extraditions to mainland China.

Protesters use a barricade to smash into the Legislative council buildingImage copyright Reuters

The group of breakaway protesters smashed their way into the LegCo building.

Protesters smash their way into the buildingImage copyright EPA

Many were wearing hard hats, face masks and glasses.

A British flag is seen inside the council buildingImage copyright EPA

Images from inside LegCo show protesters smashing up the chamber building and flying both the union jack and colonial flag.

Protesters in Legislative Council buildingImage copyright Reuters

Once they entered the chamber, the Hong Kong emblem was spray painted black and a colonial Hong Kong flag was placed on the seat of the legislature’s president.

Protesters in the Legislative council chamberImage copyright AFP

Hong Kong is a former British colony and has been part of China since 1997 under a “one country, two systems” deal. Pro-democracy events are held every year on the anniversary of the handover.

However, the anniversary this year comes in the midst of protests against the extradition bill.

The Hong Kong emblem is spray paintedImage copyright AFP

The Hong Kong emblem in the LegCo building was spray painted black (above).

Protesters stand by a wall covered in graffitiImage copyright EPA

Protesters also sprayed slogans onto the walls of the chamber building.

A picture of a council member is on the floorImage copyright EPA

Portraits of some legislative council members were damaged and ripped from the walls. The outside walls of the building were also daubed with graffiti.

A sign outside the council building is covered in graffitiImage copyright AFP

Protesters then left the building after police warned that they would “take reasonable force” to remove them from the area.

Protesters run away from tear gasImage copyright AFP

Tear gas was fired at the protesters who chose to stay in the area.

Protesters huddle as tear gas is firedImage copyright EPA

All images copyright.

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