The claws have officially come out.

Hencha Voigt and Astrid Bavaresco were at war as the green-eyed monster reared its ugly head in Sunday night’s all-new episode of WAGS Miami.

Even though Astrid had been dating Kayla Cox‘s friend Michael Crouse, Faven Liuget also stepped in to set her up on a date with NFL player Johnathan Cyprien. Hey, the woman is single and mingling after all!

But that didn’t sit well with Hencha, whose pleas for help in finding a man had been ignored. “Why would you hook her up on a date when I asked you?” Hencha wondered to Faven. “I’m so f–king annoyed!”

It only made matters worse when Astrid suggested she just wasn’t “ready” for a relationship. After letting those words swirl around in her head, Hencha was nice and heated once the ladies met up for a group dinner.

“You go out every night. You’re bouncing from dick to dick,” she told Astrid. “I don’t do that. I get wifed up.” As Astrid attempted to defend herself, their disagreement continued to escalate. “That’s the problem with women like you,” she responded.

But Hencha wasn’t backing down. “Shut the f–k up, ho!” she fired back.

Surprisingly, Astrid was the one to take the situation the next level by launching her drink into Hencha’s face! “You threw a drink in my face, bitch!” Hencha yelled from across the restaurant. “Watch your back!”

See all the drama unfold in this week’s episode recap!

Watch a brand new episode of WAGS Miami Sunday at 10 p.m., only on E!


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