Write a Handwritten Note

Expressing yourself in a letter or handwritten card for your new wife on the wedding day is one of the more popular forms of gift exchanges between nearly-newlyweds because it won’t break the bank and it’s straight from the heart. This is especially nice when you know you’re not sharing vows during the ceremony. Write a poem, song, or all the reasons why you fell in love with her. Does she love to read? Write it in the back of her favorite book. Like to journal? Write down a trait you love about her every day before the wedding and give it to her as a wedding day present.

Create a Video Message

We all know how popular wedding videos have become — from proposals to wedding days. Produce a personal video message for your wife-to-be describing your excitement for the wedding and your future together. It may include a slideshow or be short and sweet. Just make sure there’s enough time for a makeup touch-up after watching because there’s bound to be some happy tears. You can cut this video into the official wedding video later or cherish separately.

Surprise Her with a Family Heirloom

Welcome your new bride into the family by sharing something sentimental from generations passed. It could be jewelry from your great grandmother or a piece of artwork to decorate your new home together. Talk to your family about picking out the perfect gift.


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