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Gabi Confronts Zach About Revealing They Did it

Alright, it’s time for Gabi to flip the script and start asking the tough questions! Zach Shallcross had a seriously emotional reunion with his ex on The Bachelor finale, and it had everyone reaching for the Kleenex.

Gabi, who’s 25, was straight-up weeping as she joined Jesse Palmer to chat about what went down between her and Zach, who’s 26. “It’s like a million times worse watching it back,” Gabi said, trying to hold back tears. “I don’t even know what to say. I never thought that someone who claimed to be falling in love with me would treat me like that. I felt straight-up humiliated.”

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When Zach finally joined Gabi on stage, the poor girl told him she was still “hurting” and “sad” about everything that went down. Things really got wild when Gabi called Zach out for telling the whole world that they hooked up. She reminded him that they promised to keep things “between us,” and she felt completely “violated” by his big mouth. Oof, this reunion was a rollercoaster!

Gabi Elnicki Confronts Zach Shallcross Bachelor Season Finale
Gabi Elnicki and Zach Shallcross ABC/Craig Sjodin (2)

“When you came to my hotel room, I was blindsided. … I understand that you were trying to be honest and trying to think of everyone’s feelings. … However, what I wish would have happened was that you warned me that you were going to use my name and that you were going to tell everyone what had happened because I didn’t know you are going to do that,” she said. “And even when you talk to me in my hotel room, it was just, ‘I don’t want there to keep secrets, I don’t want to start a relationship with you based on a secret,’ And it was never, ‘Hey, this is what happened, it was with Gabi.’ I didn’t know you had told everyone until I watched it last week. … And it was beyond a TV show for me.”

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Gabi continued to cry. “I feel ashamed — from a moment that felt like love to me,” she said. “It’s very painful that I went through. And during that rose ceremony … you were only speaking to Kaity at that moment. Because Ariel didn’t know, and I didn’t know then until watching it back. And I wish you would have just sent me home and saved me all of the pain.”

Zach admitted he was “completely wrong” for how he handled things. “In my mind — which was wrong — I felt like I needed to let everyone know that I went against my word,” he said. “In my mind, it was just the secret that I had to not have. … The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you like that. … From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry.”

Gabi and Zach’s romance took a turn during fantasy suites. After he told finalist Ariel Frenkel that he wasn’t going to have sex with anyone on the show, Zach slept with Gabi and began to feel guilty ahead of his third date of the week with Kaity Biggar.

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‘The Bachelor: After the Final Rose’ Season 27: Gabi Elnicki Confronts Zach Shallcross
Gabi Elnicki and Zach Shallcross ABC/Craig Sjodin

“It was very special, it was important and it was both what we both wanted and needed for the relationship. I feel terrible because, obviously, I’ve gone against my word and I have fears with how Kaity would feel, how would Ariel feel,” Zach said on the March 20 episode. “I have a guilt about the whole week now.”

Zach subsequently told Gabi that he was falling in love with her — and that he was going to tell Kaity that they slept together. While things appeared awkward at the rose ceremony between the top two, Kaity later spoke out to clarify her love for the Vermont native.

“Beyond grateful for this incredible [woman] and our friendship,” the nurse wrote via Instagram. “Thank you for always lighting up a room with your beautiful, [quirky] personality! You exude the best energy that is so contagious to be around! Thank you for always being YOU! Truly, one of the most beautiful humans inside and out. Keep sprinkling sunshine.”

During Monday’s finale, Zach ended things with Gabi because he had stronger feelings for Kaity. He previously spoke to Us Weekly about his relationships with both women.

“It, like, started a little slow and then, I don’t know the exact certain point where it just kind of clicked, where it was starting to progress,” Zach explained of Gabi in February. “But then once London came around and we had that one-on-one date, that was a big deal for our relationship. That I think really was the thing that, like, really put us on the radar.”

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Speaking about “total sweetheart” Kaity, Zach gushed: “She is someone [who] from the very beginning had my attention and is someone that shows and exudes kindness and compassion with, like, everyone. She just kind of, like, brightens up a room.”

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