• Stop crying immediately!

Often, when a child knows s/he will be punished, s/he starts crying. Kids cry very easily because they’re still innocent and don’t know any important reason to be sad about. Additionally, they haven’t learned how to hold their feelings, and that’s logical. It’s perfectly okay for kids to cry and express their emotions. You should never prevent your child from doing crying. You can tell them, instead, that you understand how they feel and that it’s okay for them to express it. You can later explain to them why what they did was wrong.

  • You are worthless!

If you ever say that to your kids, you should know that they will always be in a search for approval and respect. You will make them feel insecure, helpless and, of course, worthless. So, refrain from it. Sometimes, it’s hard not to say things like that, but you must know how to control your temper, while demonstrating that you care about their happiness.

  • You are the best/the smartest/the prettiest, etc.
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That’s the opposite situation. You try your best to boost your child’s confidence, and you end up lying to them. Why? How could that possibly help them in their adult life? Remember that you should be honest with your kids. Of course, you should be honest in a sweet and kind way, because the truth hurts, especially those who are still young and innocent. But there’s no need to lie. Your kid can’t be the best. They have flaws like all human beings. Telling them the truth will help them become mature more easily, accept failure and chase success where and when they can.

  • It’s silly to be scared!
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No, it’s not silly to be scared. Especially when you’re five years old. What is certainly silly is not expressing and facing your fears, so that you can eventually get over them. Allow your child to declare how they feel, even if their fear doesn’t make sense to you. Remember that fear is not necessarily bad since it sometimes reminds us how to be careful and avoid dangerous situations. The best thing to say to a child in fear is that you understand them and that you believe in them. They’ll eventually find a way to deal with it.

  • I am disappointed in you!
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It’s wrong to make your kids responsible for your personal disappointment. First of all, remember that your child isn’t there to make you happy and accomplish your individual dreams and goals. Of course, you are their biggest role model, and you should try to help them become better in every aspect of their lives, but not by making them feel remorse about themselves. What you should do is guide your kid when they do something wrong. Teach them what’s the right thing to do. Speak to them, be honest and kind.

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