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FCT Minister Nyesom Wike Issues Stern Warning to Politicians Obstructing Government Projects

In a bold and unapologetic move, the Minister of Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Nyesom Wike, has issued a stern warning to politicians who are obstructing ongoing government projects in the region. Wike, known for his no-nonsense approach to governance, has made it clear that he will not tolerate any interference with projects that are aimed at serving the public interest.

During a recent inspection of ongoing road projects at Guzape Lot 2 and Roads B6 and D12, Wike expressed his frustration over the actions of a House of Representatives member who had reportedly ordered a stop to the project in the Guzape District of FCT for personal gain. The projects are being handled by reputable construction companies, Gilmour Construction and Julius Berger Construction.

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Wike’s message was clear and direct: “We are not going to take it lightly. This is not a private project; it is a public project, handled by the Federal Capital Territory Administration. If there is any complaint, we think that whoever is responsible should complain to us and not go and use the police to stop a legitimate company from constructing work for the use of the public, which was approved by the Federal Executive Council.”

The Minister emphasized that his primary goal is to protect the public interest and ensure that government projects are completed for the benefit of the people, rather than catering to the selfish desires of politicians. He made it clear that he will not hesitate to take action against anyone who attempts to obstruct the progress of these vital infrastructure projects.

“We have directed the contractor to go back and make sure they don’t heed that so-called stoppage. They must go back and complete the work, which we are expecting that Mr President will commission in May,” Wike declared, sending a strong message that the projects will proceed as planned, despite any attempts to derail them.

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Wike’s uncompromising stance on the matter has drawn praise from many citizens who are tired of seeing public projects derailed by political interference. His commitment to ensuring that these projects are completed on time and for the benefit of the public has resonated with many who are eager to see improvements in the infrastructure of the FCT.

The Minister’s warning to politicians comes at a time when there is growing frustration over the slow pace of development in the FCT. Many residents have expressed concerns about the state of the roads and other infrastructure in the region, and there is a strong desire for tangible improvements to be made.

Wike’s determination to hold accountable those who seek to obstruct progress on these projects is a welcome sign for many who are eager to see real change in the FCT. By taking a firm stand against political interference, Wike is sending a clear message that he is committed to delivering on the promises of development and progress for the people of the FCT.

As the projects at Guzape Lot 2 and Roads B6 and D12 continue to move forward, it is clear that Wike is not backing down in the face of political opposition. His resolve to see these projects through to completion is a testament to his unwavering dedication to serving the public interest and delivering tangible results for the people of the FCT.

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In the coming months, all eyes will be on these projects as they near completion, and Wike’s strong leadership will be crucial in ensuring that they are finished on time and to the highest standards. His commitment to holding politicians accountable for their actions and prioritizing the needs of the public is a refreshing change in a political landscape often marred by self-interest and corruption.

As Wike’s warning reverberates throughout the FCT, it is clear that he is not afraid to ruffle feathers in the pursuit of progress. His uncompromising stance on government projects sends a powerful message to those who seek to put their own interests above the needs of the people. With Wike at the helm, the future of the FCT’s development looks brighter than ever.

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