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Even If You Normally Wouldn’t, If You Had to Wear Glittery Brows in Public, What Shade of Glitter Would You Choose?

glitter browsThose brows, tho!

I saw this pic of a girl wearing golden glittery eyebrows in June’s Allure magazine and thought, hmm… Even though I probably wouldn’t spontaneously wear glittery brows in public if left to my own devices, unless it were for Halloween, or unless I was, like, going to a RuPaul-themed party, if I absolutely *had* to wear them, I’d go with something colorful.

I could go with a color close to my natural brows, but that would just be lame, IMO. Might as well go all the way! I’m thinking a teal or purple? Or one teal brow and one purple?

Hmm… What color would you choose?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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