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EPL: Kidnappers of Luis Diaz’s Father Demand Assurances for Release, ELN Guerrilla Group Urges Suspension of Security Operations

In a dramatic turn of events, the kidnappers of Manuel Diaz, father of Liverpool winger Luis Diaz, have presented their conditions for his release. The left-wing ELN guerrilla organisation, responsible for the abduction, has demanded assurances from the Colombian government to facilitate the safe return of Diaz’s father. However, despite promising to release him, the kidnappers have yet to fulfill their vow.

Commander Jose Manuel Martinez Quiroz, one of the unit leaders of the guerrilla group, issued a statement outlining their demands. The group requested the immediate suspension of security operations in order to prevent any further delays in the release process.

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The statement, signed by Commander Quiroz, read, “On November 2, we informed the country of our decision to release Mr. Luis Manuel Diaz, father of the talented player Luis Diaz. Since then, we have been working tirelessly to expedite his release. However, the area where he is being held remains heavily militarized, with ongoing flyovers, troop disembarkations, and the broadcasting of rewards as part of an intense search operation. These activities hinder the quick and safe execution of our release plan and put Mr. Luis Manuel Diaz at risk.”

The ELN guerrilla group emphasized that if security operations continued in the area, it would not only delay the release but also increase the risks involved. They expressed their understanding of the Diaz Marulanda family’s anguish and assured them that they would keep their word to release him unilaterally once they received security guarantees for the liberation operation.

The plight of Luis Diaz’s father has garnered attention both locally and internationally, with football fans and authorities anxiously awaiting his safe return. The Colombian government has yet to respond to the demands made by the kidnappers, leaving many concerned about the fate of Manuel Diaz.

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Luis Diaz, known for his exceptional skills on the football field, has been deeply affected by the kidnapping of his father. The Liverpool winger has received an outpouring of support from his teammates, fans, and the football community at large. The club has been in constant contact with Diaz, providing him with the necessary support during this difficult time.

As the search for a resolution continues, it is crucial for the Colombian government to address the demands of the kidnappers in order to secure the safe release of Manuel Diaz. The suspension of security operations in the area would not only expedite the process but also ensure the well-being of Diaz’s father.

The ELN guerrilla group’s statement sheds light on the challenges they face in executing the release plan. Their plea for security guarantees highlights the delicate nature of the situation and the need for cooperation between all parties involved.

The international community, including human rights organizations, has condemned the kidnapping and called for a peaceful resolution. The safety and well-being of individuals should always be a top priority, and it is crucial for the Colombian government to work towards a swift and safe resolution.

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The ongoing situation has also sparked discussions about the security measures in place for high-profile individuals and their families. The incident serves as a reminder that even those in the public eye are not exempt from the dangers that persist in certain regions.

As the world watches and hopes for a positive outcome, it is imperative that all efforts are made to ensure the safe release of Manuel Diaz. The Colombian government must carefully consider the demands put forth by the kidnappers and work towards a resolution that prioritizes the well-being of Diaz’s father.

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