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Empowering Democracy: PDP Stands Firm as Jigawa LG Polls Loom

In a bold stance against the recent push by the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) for a one-year extension of the local government council election in Jigawa State, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has unequivocally reaffirmed its commitment to the scheduled electoral process.

Alhaji Sa’adu Barwa, the PDP chairman in Dutse local government, dismissed the IPAC’s proposal as the brainchild of a select few rather than a reflection of broader sentiment within the political landscape of Jigawa State.

As reported by, the IPAC had advocated for an amendment to the state’s electoral law to afford political parties a 360-day lead time to prepare for elections. However, Barwa rebuffed this notion, emphasizing that the existing legal framework clearly dictates the tenure of elected officials. With the current term of the Jigawa State Government Council set to conclude in July of this year, Barwa urged the State Independent Electoral Commission to proceed with the organization of transparent and timely elections across all 27 local government areas and 287 political wards in Jigawa State.

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“We stand resolute in our demand for free and fair elections without any undue delays or extensions. Any attempts at manipulation or disenfranchisement will be met with staunch opposition,” declared Barwa.

Citing the prevailing hardships and economic challenges facing residents of the state and the nation at large, Barwa expressed confidence in the PDP’s prospects for success in the upcoming local government council election. He further insinuated that the All Progressives Congress (APC) harbored apprehensions about the potential outcome of the election, hinting at a palpable sense of unease within the ruling party’s ranks.

The forthcoming local government council election in Jigawa State has emerged as a focal point of contention and intrigue, with political stakeholders jostling for position and influence in the run-up to the pivotal electoral event. As the PDP stands firm in its resolve to contest the election on a platform of transparency, accountability, and progressive governance, the stage is set for a riveting showdown that could shape the future trajectory of governance in Jigawa State.

With the eyes of the nation fixed on the unfolding political drama in Jigawa State, the stakes have never been higher for the competing political parties vying for supremacy and electoral dominance. As the countdown to the election gathers momentum, the battle lines are drawn, and the electorate eagerly anticipates the opportunity to exercise their democratic rights and shape the course of their collective destiny.

In the midst of swirling speculation and mounting tensions, the PDP remains a steadfast beacon of hope and resilience, standing as a bulwark against any attempts to subvert the democratic process or undermine the will of the people. With a legacy of principled leadership and unwavering commitment to the ideals of democracy, the PDP embodies the aspirations of a populace yearning for genuine representation and accountable governance.

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As the political landscape in Jigawa State braces for a seismic shift, the PDP stands poised to seize the moment and usher in a new era of inclusive governance and equitable development. With the fate of the state hanging in the balance, the upcoming local government council election promises to be a watershed moment in the annals of Jigawa State politics, with far-reaching implications for the future trajectory of the state and its people.

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