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Curate a Thoughtful + Practical Wedding Welcome Bag

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Shop Local
Give out-of-town guests a taste of the area with snacks from local vendors. Mix sweet and savory options – like potato chips at a Cape Cod wedding or peaches in Georgia. It’s a fun way to introduce them to the city (and keep them from spending a fortune at the mini bar)!

Offer Drinks
Hospitality usually starts with “Can I get you something to drink?” Whether they’re coming in from a long night celebrating, or a long day sightseeing, your guests will want water in their rooms. Save them from buying overpriced hotel bottles by including some in your bag.

Take your hosting game to another level by providing a location-inspired cocktail in your welcome gift. Think: a mini bottle of Jack Daniels with a Coke for a Tennessee wedding. Are you getting married on or near a vineyard? This is the perfect opportunity to include a bottle of their house wine. Your guests will toast you as they’re getting ready for your wedding or rehearsal dinner.

Add a Personal Detail
Think of something that’s so “you” and so “your fiancé.” It could be a grown-up coloring book you love with colored pencils, your favorite lip balm and plastic sunnies for the beach, or his favorite brand of golf ball and a tee for the country club. These little things will make guests feel more included and connected to you both on a personal level.

Evita, who co-owns Santorini Glam Weddings, shared one of her favorite examples. “The father of one of our brides produces his own olive oil in Greece. We arranged for him to send us a container of olive oil. Then we filled individual bottles with his olive oil and local herbs. Not only did it cost a quarter of the price, but it was also something special of the couple!”

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