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Countdown to National Lipstick Day on July 29th! NARS Dragon Girl

nars dragon girlMy all-time most favorite red NARS lippie OF ALL TIME: Dragon Girl

Huh! I almost just called this shade “Dragon Roll,” and I do that every single time I wear it…


Contrary to what my brain thinks, this is not a delicious sushi roll. It’s a lipstick from NARS called Dragon Girl.

I guess I just really love sushi?! (I do.)

Dragon Girl is in the NARS permanent line of Velvet Matte Lip Pencils — ya know, the ones that look like a crayon that you sharpen.

They have a matte finish, but it’s not just any old basic, flat matte finish. It has a kick to it — a light stain that gives it a softness that you don’t get from truly flat mattes. I think it makes it more approachable.

But that’s not even the main reason I’ve been all about this shade for years. Seriously, it’s my favorite NARS red, and NARS is well-known for their reds.

I’m just sayin’. There’s so many good ones!

Dragon Girl is a chameleon color because, depending on what I’m wearing on my eyes, cheeks, and even my clothes, it can look very different. Sometimes it’s a blue-red. Sometimes it’s a pink-red, or an orange-red, or sometimes it’s got a berry tone. It’s a red that works with everything, and for a desert island challenge, if I had to pick just one NARS red to wear ’til forever arrived, it would be Dragon Roll —

Girl! Dragon Girl. I did it again… ?

nars dragon girl swatch finalShe’s a Dragon Girl nars dragon girl k 2Dragon girl in training

Yeah, it’s super smooth. Opaque, too.

Great, now I’m craving a dragon roll…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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