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ColonBroom Review: Is It Really Worth Your Money?

Fiber supplements can support better digestive health and help prevent constipation and bloating, but which fiber supplement should you choose?

We’ve looked at the ColonBroom dietary supplement to find out how it supports gut health and regular bowel movements, along with other health benefits.

ColonBroom Summary

ColonBroom is a psyllium husk-based fiber supplement that supports better gut health, promotes regular bowel movements, and may help you lose weight. It comes in a strawberry flavor, and it is recommended that you take it twice a day.

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Main benefits of ColonBroom

  • Prevents constipation and bloating
  • Supports overall digestive health
  • Promotes body detoxification
  • Improves energy levels
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Supports better weight management


  • Easy to use
  • Tasty strawberry flavor
  • Supports consistent bowel movements
  • Natural colon cleanser
  • Reduces hunger cravings to promote weight loss
  • Non-addictive formula
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol levels


  • May cause stomach issues at first
  • Slightly more expensive option than market alternatives

What Is ColonBroom?

ColonBroom is an all-natural, non-addictive, bulk-forming laxative. It is made with a natural dietary fiber called psyllium husk, which is found in many fiber supplements. It is a soluble fiber that helps soften the stool and allows it to pass more easily through the colon.

Soluble fiber is incredibly beneficial for the body. It helps to lower blood glucose levels, reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and helping manage the condition. It is also known to reduce LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels can have a significant impact on your health, leading to high blood pressure and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

What’s more, psyllium husk is a prebiotic fiber. Prebiotics are necessary for the probiotic formation in the gut and the overall health of the digestive tract. ColonBroom supports gut health by introducing this prebiotic fiber and helping balance the gut microbiome. An imbalance in the gut microbiota can have a tremendous impact on your overall health, so it is best to keep it balanced.

Overall, ColonBroom is praised for supporting better weight management and weight loss as it reduces hunger cravings and helps you feel more satiated, thus reducing your calorie consumption and increasing your caloric deficit.

Does ColonBroom Really Work?

ColonBroom is an excellent fiber supplement for people who suffer from digestive discomfort and symptoms like bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. Psyllium husk, the key ingredient in ColonBroom, is well-researched, supports overall gut health, and helps balance the gut microbiota.

User reviews of the ColonBroom product have shown that many have had success with the fiber supplement. It has been used by customers to promote more consistent bowel movements and to ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It also treats bouts of constipation and should take effect within the first 24–72 hours.

How does ColonBroom work?

Getting enough fiber into your diet is essential for good gut health. To take ColonBroom, you simply mix one sachet of the powder into water and drink it twice each day.

As mentioned above, psyllium husk powder relieves constipation, irregular bowel movements, bloating, and abdominal pain that is associated with poor gut health. It is also a prebiotic fiber, meaning it helps balance the bacteria in the digestive tract.

User reviews show that the supplement not only improves overall gut health but also boosts weight loss and increases satiety.

Ingredients of ColonBroom

colonbroom review is it really worth your money

The ingredients used in ColonBroom are all-natural and support the overall health of the digestive system. They include:

  • Psyllium husk powder – It supports bulkier and softer bowel movements to promote a healthy digestive system. Softer stools are easier to pass and can help prevent constipation and bloating.
  • Citric acid – Another natural laxative that supports better gut health. It is also known to enhance the bioavailability and the bodily absorption of essential minerals, helping boost the immune system.
  • Crystallized lemon – This ingredient helps fight constipation. Lemon juice is sometimes recommended as a home remedy for constipation.
  • Stevia leaf extract – A natural sweetener that is good for blood sugar levels and weight loss. It gives sweetness to the ColonBroom supplement without any calories, making it a pleasant supplement to add to your diet.
  • Sea salt – This has been used in home remedies for centuries and is thought to cleanse the colon and treat chronic constipation. Sea salt supplementation can also help lower blood pressure levels.

5 Benefits of ColonBroom

#1 Supports healthy bowel movements

Psyllium husk supplementation has been used to relieve constipation for many years. Since it’s a soluble fiber, it absorbs water and helps soften bulky stools in the colon, easing your bowel movements.

Citric acid and crystallized lemon in the supplement are both natural laxatives that promote bowel movement regularity. Another ingredient, sea salt, is also a natural laxative used to treat chronic constipation and effectively flush out the colon.

The way food passes through your colon can have a tremendous impact on the overall health of your gut. Ensuring you are regular can help you lead a more energized and healthy life.

#2 Improves the health of your digestive system

As mentioned previously, psyllium husk in the ColonBroom supplement is a prebiotic fiber that is crucial for digestive health and healthy gut microbiota balance.

Abnormalities in the balance of the gut microbiota can cause many problems, and not just for your digestive health. Indeed, research indicates that an imbalanced gut microbiota may lead to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and even some cancers. It can also cause digestive symptoms like bloating, stomach pain, and constipation.

#3 Helps you to lose weight

Fiber is an important nutrient for weight loss. It boosts satiety and reduces hunger cravings, which can help you reduce your overall calorie consumption and increase your caloric deficit.

Weight loss can support better overall health. Being overweight puts you at a higher risk of several chronic illnesses, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Increasing your fiber consumption can support healthy weight loss and better weight management.

#4 Reduces cholesterol levels

Water-soluble fiber is known to reduce LDL cholesterol levels. It binds to the cholesterol in the intestines, inhibiting the absorption into the bloodstream and lowering your overall levels. If you have high levels of LDL cholesterol, it can build up in the walls of your blood vessels. This build-up is known as plaque and contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels.

Narrower blood vessels lead to high blood pressure and increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and other heart problems. If the plaque breaks off, it can cause a blockage in smaller vessels and even result in a heart attack.

#5 Supports blood sugar regulation

The body does not digest fiber, so when it is consumed, it does not cause a spike in blood sugar. When consumed alongside carbohydrates, it actually slows the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream, keeping blood glucose levels in a healthier range.

For people with diabetes, getting more dietary fiber has been shown to reduce fasting glucose levels. This can help with blood glucose regulation and better diabetes management. Increasing your intake of soluble dietary fiber may also reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Take a Free Quiz and Find Out How You Can Lose Weight With Your Personalized ColonBroom Intake Plan

Possible ColonBroom Side Effects

As ColonBroom is a fiber-based supplement, using it may come with digestive problems for some users. An increase in fiber consumption may lead to stomach pains and bloating, but most people will find that these side effects wear off once their body gets used to the increase in fiber.

Where Can I Buy ColonBroom?

ColonBroom is available online on their website. They offer free shipping to buyers in the UK, the US, and Australia and offer a free, anti-inflammatory diet guidebook along with these purchases. The ColonBroom supplement can be bought on a subscription, and the more months you sign up for, the cheaper the monthly fee.


Is ColonBroom legit?

ColonBroom is a legit supplement. It is made using science-backed ingredients, and many users have found the supplement to be useful for better gut health and weight management.

How much does ColonBroom cost?

For a one-time monthly supply, ColonBroom costs $68.99, but if you choose a monthly subscription, it costs $54.99, billed each month. If you subscribe for longer, the price drops dramatically.

Is ColonBroom the same as Metamucil?

No, ColonBroom and Metamucil are different supplements from different manufacturers. Metamucil is also a supplement for better digestive health.


ColonBroom is an all-natural, bulk-forming laxative that can be used for better digestive system health. It promotes softer and bulkier stool, balances the gut microbiome, and promotes weight loss.

Take a Free Quiz and Find Out How You Can Lose Weight With Your Personalized ColonBroom Intake Plan

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