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Chris Perry Explains Why His Wife is Submissive

American social media sensation and musician, Chris Perry, has opened up about his relationship with his wife and the reasons why she is submissive. Taking to his social media pages on Thursday, March 30, 2023, the bestselling author revealed that he leads the way and sets the tone in their marriage.

According to Perry, he is very hands-on when it comes to taking care of his wife, from booking flights to fixing things around the house to even paying bills. He also makes sure that she always has money in her purse, even though she has her own. Perry went on to list some of the other things he does to keep his wife happy, such as getting her stuff she likes and taking her all around the world.

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Perhaps the most crucial aspect of Perry’s approach to marriage is his faithfulness. “I don’t cheat,” he asserts, adding that he strives to make his wife feel like she has nothing to worry about because he is always there for her. He believes that by being a supportive and trustworthy husband, he sets an example for his wife to follow.

However, Perry does not simply expect his wife to blindly follow his lead. He acknowledges that she is an alpha female and is not easily swayed. Instead, he listens to her and apologizes when he is wrong. He also makes a point to avoid gaslighting her, emphasizing the importance of clear communication in their relationship.

Overall, Perry believes that his leadership and devotion to his wife are what make her submissive in their marriage. He encourages others to take note of his example and stresses the importance of fulfilling one’s role as a man in a relationship.

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Reaction to Perry’s Statements

Perry’s candid comments about his relationship with his wife have sparked a considerable amount of discussion and debate online. Some have praised him for being a supportive and devoted husband who sets a good example for other men to follow. Others, however, have criticized his statements as promoting traditional gender roles and perpetuating harmful stereotypes about women being submissive to men.

Experts in psychology and gender studies note that while there is nothing inherently wrong with Perry’s approach to marriage, it is important to recognize that every relationship is unique and that what works for one couple may not work for another. Moreover, they caution against assuming that all women desire or should be submissive to their husbands or partners.

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Ultimately, the key to a successful relationship is open communication and mutual respect, regardless of whether one partner takes on a more dominant or submissive role. It is up to each couple to find the balance that works best for them and to always prioritize each other’s needs and desires.

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