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Celebrity couples who never made it past the first date

Celebrity couples who never made it past the first date

Jack Nicholson is notorious for chasing Tinseltown tail. In fact, his tendency to play by his own rules has garnered so much attention, he’s even had a biography written about his eccentric way of living. Marc Eliot, the writer who penned the “unauthorized” account of the actor’s life, chatted with CNN, revealing even more juicy information. For example, it’s said that The Shining lead “may have bedded more women than any other star,” except for Warren Beatty — allegedly. From Melanie Griffith to Anjelica Huston, Nicholson has definitely been around.

What about an unlikely hook-up that nobody saw coming? Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan can add herself to Nicholson’s list. Certainly armed with her own black book of celebs, Morgan revealed her brief tryst with the Hollywood legend to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. Playing a game of “Would Morgan Date Him?” Cohen landed on Nicholson, causing the RHONY star to pause and say, “Have I?!” before proceeding to laugh. With the audience in an uproar, she high-fived Cohen, exclaimed, “He’s so much fun!” and described their time together as “one big sloppy mess, whatever…”

It turns out, they didn’t go past … whatever, with the reality TV star cooly stating, “Nobody nails down Nicholson.”

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