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“Bring It On” Cast Talks Possible Sequel on Film’s 20th Anniversary

“Bring It On” Cast Reflects on Film’s 20th Anniversary and Talks Possible Sequel

It has been over 20 years since “Bring It On” premiered in theaters, but the film’s impact on pop culture is still felt today. The movie, which followed a group of rival cheerleaders as they competed for a national championship, starred Kirsten Dunst, Gabrielle Union, Eliza Dushku, and Jesse Bradford, among others.

Reflecting on the movie’s success, Dunst admitted that she was initially unsure about the project. “I was like, ‘A cheerleading movie?’ It sounded like it could have been just a cheesy teen movie,” she told Entertainment Weekly in 2015. However, she ultimately agreed to do the film because of the director, Peyton Reed.

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Union, on the other hand, did not have to audition for her role in the film. “I played soccer, basketball, and track, and nothing can prepare you for what cheerleaders go through,” she said. “Those rehearsals were some of the lower points in my life — I questioned my very existence. Everything hurt.”

Despite the grueling rehearsals, the cast members still have fond memories of the movie. Union revealed that even years later, people still want to talk about “Bring It On” with her. “When I run into Katie Couric, it’s the first thing she talks about,” she said.

The cast also discussed the possibility of a sequel during the movie’s 20th-anniversary celebration in August 2020. Union suggested that Dunst and she could play co-heads of the PTA, while Dunst floated the idea of the characters running a cheer school like the one featured in the Netflix docuseries “Cheer.”

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Fans of “Bring It On” will have to wait and see if a sequel is actually in the works, but one thing is certain: the movie’s legacy will continue to live on for years to come.


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