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Brandi Cyrus and Wells Adams’ Unconventional Path to Podcast Success

In a twist of fate, love may not have blossomed between Brandi Cyrus and Wells Adams, but their unique journey led them to create the popular podcast, “Your Favorite Thing.” This captivating show has captured the hearts of listeners worldwide, showcasing their genuine chemistry and friendship. Let’s delve into the story behind this unexpected success.

It all began when Cyrus and Adams were set up on a blind date. However, the sparks failed to ignite, and the duo quickly realized that their connection was more suited for friendship. “It did not work,” Adams revealed in an interview with Us Weekly in 2018. “The date went well enough where we’re like, ‘Oh well, this is cool.’ So it wasn’t terrible.”

Despite the lack of romantic chemistry, Cyrus and Adams continued to spend time together. Cyrus, an accomplished radio personality, started making appearances as a guest on Adams’ morning show in Nashville. The two found joy in collaborating and sharing their favorite things, leading them to embark on a new venture – a podcast.

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“We hung out a couple of times, and Wells has a couple of radio shows in Nashville,” Cyrus explained. “So I started coming in to guest on his morning show, and then we were like, ‘Let’s start a podcast! This is fun.’ And here we are.”

The podcast, aptly named “Your Favorite Thing,” quickly gained traction, captivating audiences with its engaging banter, diverse topics, and the genuine bond between Cyrus and Adams. What started as a simple idea soon turned into a platform where they could express their shared interests and connect with a broader audience.

During an episode of “Showmance: The Glee Recap Edition,” Cyrus reiterated that their relationship had always been rooted in friendship. “Halfway through the second date, we were both like, ‘This is a friend thing,'” she recalled. Despite the absence of romantic feelings, their connection grew stronger, and their mutual support for each other became evident.

Cyrus has been an unwavering supporter of Adams’ relationship with actress Sarah Hyland. Since the pair started dating, Cyrus has gushed about their compatibility and the undeniable chemistry they share. “If you spend two seconds with them, you just know, like they are so great together and it was meant to be,” Cyrus expressed in an interview with Us Weekly in 2022. Her happiness for Adams and Hyland is palpable, showcasing the depth of their friendship.

The success of “Your Favorite Thing” can be attributed to the authenticity and relatability of Cyrus and Adams. Their ability to transcend the boundaries of a failed blind date and transform it into a thriving podcast is a testament to their resilience and shared passion.

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As the podcast continues to gain popularity, Cyrus and Adams remain dedicated to delivering entertaining and insightful content to their loyal listeners. Their unique dynamic and genuine friendship shines through each episode, creating an engaging and enjoyable experience for all.

Sometimes the most unexpected paths lead to remarkable success. Brandi Cyrus and Wells Adams’ journey from a failed blind date to podcast hosts exemplifies the power of friendship, shared interests, and the willingness to embrace new opportunities. “Your Favorite Thing” is a testament to their unwavering bond and their ability to captivate audiences worldwide.

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