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Beyond Body Review: Read This It Before Buying

Do you want a weight loss program that doesn’t revolve around restrictions?

Perhaps you’re tired of fad diets and are now ready to focus on healthy living. If so, you might have come across Beyond Body in your quest for something new. The personalized wellness book is designed to help you form positive habits to reach your weight loss goals.

So, does the Beyond Body program work?

Keep reading for our complete Beyond Body review.


Beyond Body is a fully personalized wellness book designed to help you lose weight and improve your overall well-being. It focuses on building sustainable daily habits through healthy nutrition and exercise to help you slim down and reach your healthy weight goal.

You can treat the Beyond Body wellness book as your personal assistant to get to where you want to be health-wise. It provides educational content to help identify the root causes of weight gain and offers advice related to common problems that hinder weight loss progress.

Take a Free 1-Minute Quiz and Get Your Personalized Beyond Body Book


  • Suitable for beginners who want to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Helps readers develop healthy habits to maintain a healthy weight
  • Includes a personalized meal plan based on your dietary preferences
  • There are no drastic dietary changes, restrictions, or elimination of entire food groups
  • Provides an exercise plan with helpful instructions and pictures
  • Digital and physical copy available
  • You can also purchase the Beyond Body assistant app for further support
  • You can personalize your book by choosing its color and putting your name on the cover
  • Lots of discounts and promotions are available


  • As it’s a book, there are no videos to accompany the workout plan
  • No progress tracking unless you buy the app
  • No vegan meal plans
  • No grocery lists

What Is Beyond Body?

Beyond Body is a health and wellness program that supports people in developing sustainable healthy habits. Unlike other weight loss programs, Beyond Body compiles everything you need to know about losing weight, offering an alternative approach to reaching your goals healthily.

You can learn how to practice healthy eating with your 28-day meal plan. You’ll also receive an exercise plan as part of your personalized program, with health and fitness routines that are easy to implement into your lifestyle. It is designed to remove the expense of a personal trainer to get you in shape.

Does Beyond Body Really Work?

The weight loss process is different for everyone. Weight loss programs that work for one person may have the opposite effects on another. As Beyond Body offers a more sustainable approach to long-term weight loss, it is more likely to work for users.

Healthy eating and regular physical activity are two proven weight loss methods. Medical research shows that creating an energy deficit is the most important component in weight loss. You can make an energy deficit by burning more calories than you take in from your diet.

Beyond Body concentrates on eating habits and general positive changes to support physical and mental health. Adopting these changes promotes greater well-being and builds a lifestyle that you can maintain, preventing weight gain in the future.

Start Losing Weight with Beyond Body

How does Beyond Body work?

Beyond Body works by taking personal information about your health and tailoring it to produce a program that helps you lose weight in a healthy manner. It begins with a quiz that asks questions regarding your problem areas, sleeping routine, stress levels, and alcohol intake.

It also asks about health issues before moving on to dietary questions. The answers you give here help build your Beyond Body meal plan, ensuring it includes foods you enjoy from essential food groups. It also deciphers whether you are vegetarian and if you eat meat and fish.

From there, your book is written, and you can start your healthy weight loss journey.

3 Benefits of Beyond Body

You’re probably wondering what a book can offer you and how it differs from other weight loss regimens. So, should you decide to try the Beyond Body book for your weight loss journey, here are 3 benefits you can expect.

#1 Customized meal plan

The principal feature of Beyond Body is the 28-day meal plan. The meal plan contains 5 meals for each day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a morning and evening snack. If you prefer or run short on time, you can eat both snacks at the same time of day as a single meal.

There are 500+ recipes with ingredients you can switch depending on your taste. You can also select the preparation method of your choice. The custom selection ensures your caloric and nutritional needs are met, so switching things up will not interrupt your progress.

Beyond Body addresses the need for a good relationship with food. Eating foods you enjoy makes you more likely to sustain your new diet. Additionally, there’s no need to make sudden, drastic changes to your diet because you can gradually transition over the month.

It includes foods necessary for a healthy diet, including lean meats, whole fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and whole grains.

#2 Simple workout plan

The Beyond Body workout chapter of the book gives you specific training exercises to help you burn excess fat and build lean muscle. The recommendations in your plan are based on your current health status and how much exercise you usually get. It includes warm-ups, cardio, and strength training.

Like diet, exercise is essential for your health. Regular physical activity is associated with a longer healthspan and reduced risk of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease. It also improves mobility and strengthens the bones and muscles.

In addition, when paired with dietary modifications, exercise can speed up weight loss. That’s because it increases the number of calories you burn, helping you reach a calorie deficit.

The workout chapter of your book is optional. So, if you already have a regular workout routine, you can still enjoy the recipes, guidance, and weight loss tips.

#3 Considers mental health

Physical health isn’t the only area of concern when trying to transform your body. The makers of Beyond Body recognize that your mental well-being plays an important role in your journey. Anxiety, depression, and other mental issues can contribute to unwanted weight gain.

Furthermore, poor mental health can affect your ability to make mindful choices and hinder your ability to maintain a good routine. A healthier mindset will give you the energy to exercise regularly and help you commit better to fuelling your body with nutritious foods.

The program emphasizes building self-confidence and transforming your day-to-day life with simple changes. You can also join the Beyond Body community Facebook group, where you can share your journey with others, gain first-hand advice, and make friends with people in a similar position.

beyond body review read this it before buying

What Do Customers Think About the Beyond Body Book?

Are the Beyond Body claims true?

Well, thousands of customers have left a Beyond Body review, sharing their personal experiences with the popular book. You can find a mix of positive and negative reviews online from genuine customers. Generally, the consensus is that people are happy with the product.

Customers have managed to lose weight, and many people report feeling healthier after following their weight-loss routine. Some people have found meal plans to consist of basic meal ideas. Others think they would benefit from a pre-made shopping list to match recipes.

What Can I Find Inside Beyond Body?

Inside the book, you can discover essential knowledge for losing weight the right way and how to keep it off in the long term. Your edition of the Beyond Body book is customized for you, delivering a healthy lifestyle plan you can begin immediately.

The meal and workout plan is created based on your information, like age, height, body type, and current weight. It also factors in your specific needs, such as health conditions, allergies, and dietary requirements. These components help generate your unique Beyond Body program.

The book’s content centers around how to follow a healthy diet. You can find helpful information to help you stay on course, such as eating out tips and how to manage your schedule. You can benefit from illustrations demonstrating the exercises in your plan to aid your workout routine.

The exact content of the chapters differs depending on your personal requirements.

What Is the Beyond Body Book for?

The Beyond Body book is a product for those ready to change their mindset. It’s there to help you begin losing weight with a routine that suits you, steering away from fad diets and other weight loss trends. While such strategies might work temporarily, they don’t work for life.

It’s a hassle-free way to form good habits at home without requiring a personal coach to guide you. As the book uses proven methods, you can return to it time and time again if you want to get back in shape. Therefore, the book purchase can save you money in the long run.

However, a personalized book is unavailable for pregnant and breastfeeding women due to specific nutritional requirements. It may be unsuitable for those with certain health conditions that require a specialized diet. With that in mind, it’s vital to talk to your doctor before trying any weight loss method.

Where Can I Buy Beyond Body?

You can buy your copy of Beyond Body from their official website. You must go through the website as you need to complete a short questionnaire before you can purchase and access the book. Doing so allows the makers to use your information to build the specialized program for you.

Moreover, the website runs various promotions to get your program at a discounted rate. It’s worth noting that Beyond Body also offers international shipping for the hard copy.


Is Beyond Body legit?

Yes, Beyond Body is a legitimate product you can purchase online through the official website. You can find many Beyond Body reviews online from legitimate customers who have tried and tested the book. It is made to support readers in building a healthier lifestyle.

How much does Beyond Body cost?

The Beyond Body book costs $39.99, with an option to have a physical copy delivered to your door within 8–14 business days. Alternatively, you can have the ebook delivered to your email address within 24 hours. You can also subscribe to the Beyond Body app.


So, is Beyond Body worth it?

The personalized weight loss program ticks many boxes for those who want to begin a healthy lifestyle journey. We particularly like the focus on addressing your eating habits. Overall, Beyond Body feels simpler. It doesn’t feel restrictive and stressful like most weight loss programs.

Once your book arrives physically or virtually, you can start moving toward your health goals.

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