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What Coverage is Best for Me?
When purchasing a car insurance policy, you want to make sure that you’re getting the coverage you need to fit your specific situation. If you’re not sure what type of coverage you need, try using our Car Insurance Coverage Calculator.

What Information Will I Need?
Your time is important, and we’ll try to get you through the quote process as quickly as possible. In many cases we can fill your vehicle information in automatically based on public records, but to make things easier, it’s best if you have the following information nearby:
If you have one)– this is helpful as a reference so you know what coverages you currently have, your current policy (Driving record information from the last five years (including violations, accidents and claims) for all drivers you ‘d like included on your policy
Driver’s license number( s).
Your car’s model, year and make, as well as its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
The odometer reading for each car you ‘d like an insurance quote for.
The location where your vehicles are typically parked.

auto insurance quotes

What if I Need to Talk to Someone?
If you need help during the online quote process, we have an extensive online help center, as well as a real-time chat feature. Of course you can also always give us a call or contact a Local Agent to get the same great insurance quote experience.

What Factors Will Affect My Rate?
When you request an auto insurance quote online, there are three major factors when your rate is calculated:.
Your Vehicle: The more expensive a car is to replace or repair, the more it costs to insure. Your vehicle’s safety features can help lower your auto insurance quote, as can how often you drive the car and what type of driving it’s used for (business or personal).
Your Address: Where you live and park your vehicle will affect your auto insurance quote.
Your Driving Record: Having fewer incidents such as accidents, moving violations or claims in your driving record will help lower your rate.
If you already have a car insurance policy and are comparing new car insurance quotes to determine what is best for you, make sure that you are comparing similar coverage, limits and deductible amounts. Liberty Mutual can provide multiple car insurance quotes, any of which can be customized to meet your car insurance needs.

Whether you’ve just bought a new car, are looking to change insurance carriers or are simply shopping around, getting an online car insurance quote from Liberty Mutual is secure, easy and quick.


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