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5 Secrets to Styling Your Wedding Tablescape

5 Secrets to Styling Your Wedding Tablescape

Keep Your Details Consistency + Pay Attention to Composition

There are a few design and composition tips to remember when you’re styling a tablescape, and for this design, I was really conscious of incorporating texture and playing with various heights on the table to create visual interest.

For the texture, I added a raw silk table runner in the softest dove gray, swirling it down the center of the table so it had an ethereal, barely there effect. I knew I wanted to tie that in elsewhere for consistency, so I used the same dove gray silk for one of the ribbon options in the flatware bundles, with the other ribbons adding interest in a variety of widths, colors, and finishes. My periwinkle color showed up as another ribbon selection, as did a silver ribbon that added a hint of sparkle.

In terms of playing with height, I achieved this through my candle choices, opting for a selection of three different sizes to really create that effect, and grouping them together so the tallest ones were towards the center.

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