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2019 Met Gala: Behind-the-scenes drama you didn’t see

2019 Met Gala: Behind-the-scenes drama you didn't see

If Maddie Ziegler was old enough to attend the Met Gala, she would be swinging from Katy Perry’s costume all the way across the pink carpet. The singer brought a new, painfully literal meaning to “lit” when she showed up to the event dressed as a giant, functional crystal chandelier — but where did she put her battery pack? (Get your head out of the gutter. It was hidden in her corset).

As an occasional wearer of fashion orthodontic headgear and the inadvertent brainchild behind Left Shark, Perry is no stranger to camp, but she definitely suffered for her art. According to Vogue, Moschino designer Jeremy Scott and his team spent six weeks affixing thousands of Swarovski crystals to the dress, which weighed a whopping 40 pounds. He estimates that it’s his most complicated creation to date (he also did Kacey Musgraves’ simple but kitschy hot pink Barbie look).

Perry, who knows her way around a costume change, didn’t remain a light fixture for the entirety of the night (the batteries were bound to run out eventually if the lifespan of our iPhones tell us anything). Instead, she hopped into what appeared to be the Met bathroom and emerged a glittering hamburger. Considering the Met Gala has a ban on unattractive food, we’re guessing she didn’t go animal style.

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