2019: Buhari’s second term bid divides Nigerian entertainers

2019: Buhari’s second term bid divides Nigerian entertainers

…2Face, Yinka Davies, Skales, Felix Duke, others withdraw support Buhari Buhari When President Muhammadu Buhari declared his intention to contest in the 2019 presidential election, many Nigerians frowned at his decision because they expected him to honourably step aside, and encourage the younger generation to take over the reins of Nigeria’s leadership. But there are also many who say that the man has done well and could continue. D’banj Mixed reactions have continued to greet the declaration which some have described with unprintable words. While some believe he has the right to contest, others strongly argue that he is too old and doesn’t have what it takes to take Nigeria to Eldorado. Although, it’s indisputable that the Buhari-led government has recorded laudable achievements in the past three years, it’s also not out of place to say that the administration has recorded some setbacks. It’s on this premise that Showtime went to town during the week to feel the pulse of Nigerian entertainers on the matter. However, while many entertainers declined comments for fear of losing the favour of powers that be, others eloquently spoke their minds. I didn’t know he has declared to run for second term- Dbanj, singer Has he declared his intentions to run for second term? Wow, I didn’t know! Well, I have nothing to say about it. I don’t understand the idea of granting amnesty to Boko Haram—2face I don’t understand the idea of granting amnesty to Boko Haram, it doesn’t make any sense. There are so many graduates out there who are jobless and not able to fend for themselves; why does it have to be people who don’t have respect for lives that the federal government is considering granting amnesty? This just means that we have accepted defeat. It means we’re trying to appease them. Many people are angry and tired, but because we are peace loving people and the government knows, that’s why they are taking advantage of it. 2face Running for second term is greed— Actress, Praise Sam Ogan How can he even think of that! In a country where civil servants retire at 64, he wants to run for an election at the age of 75 and people will vote him in? This country is becoming something else; I doubt we can grow and become better even in the next 200-years! Buhari is too old to rule us again- Pop music star, Skales “Honestly, I’m not in support of Buhari’s decision to run for second term, so it’s a ‘no’ from me. I’m part of those people who feel younger people should be given the opportunity to rule this nation. When I say younger people, I mean people between the ages of thirty and fifty because we know what the future is. No offence to Buhari though, I have huge respect for him. Skales He’s a great man. But the truth is that these men are old! They should give young ones chance to rule because they can’t predict our future for us. They are done; they have seen their own future already.” He has to step on toes to succeed- Musician, Djinee “These three years have been painful for the masses as evident in the constant groans and pains you feel everywhere you turn to. It’s always darkest before dawn and before we enjoy a bountiful harvest, we’ll experience the pain associated with years of misrule. But the change won’t come if institutions are made up of corrupt individuals who are strung across parties, decamping because they seek to line their pockets. For the president to move this nation forward, he will have to bite the fingers that fed him. And they include those he dines with because the ruling party and opposition are the same. Will he find ten honest Nigerians? Will he also probe himself for the sake of the nation? Your guesses are as good as mine.” Nigerians should use their votes to decide — filmmaker, Prince Iyke Olisa So far, this administration has inflicted more hardship on the masses than the paradise they promised. Despite the administration’s fight against corruption and the recovery of some stolen funds, we notice more hardship and upsurge of insecurity in the country. We expected that when you fight corruption and recover stolen funds, the effect will tell on the economy; instead the masses are suffering more. I think Buhari has a clear agenda but there are some elements in his government whose presence and activities will continue to undermine his efforts. Any solution that is not affordable or effective is definitely not a solution. Though one must not also fail to accept the truth that the previous administration had its lapses but as a progressive government, one expected that this administration should live beyond daily chanting of the dilemma called “Past administrations” and start making achievements and policies that will reflect on the lives of Nigerians. President Buhari has the right under the constitution to seek second term. His declaration was not surprising to me at all, in fact I would have been more surprised if he chose not to re-contest. I have not seen an African President or Head of state who will have an opportunity to continue and decline except maybe one or two. People should channel their energy on how to make use of their votes in 2019 rather than agitate over someone’s declaration to run. Anyone has the right to declare to run for any office as long as you are eligible by law to do so. However, the power to actualize that dream rests on the people who will decide with their votes. So if you think this administration is parading an old man, what are you preparing to do as a youth? If you think they haven’t done much to deserve second chance or term, what are you planning to do with your power (PVC)? So let’s stop grumbling and do the right thing. Buhari has right to contest, it is left for him to gather enough of our votes to continue. I see nothing wrong with his ambition. PMB cannot rule Nigeria smoothly- Actress, Foluke Daramola It’s within the constitutional right of the president to decide to contest for second term, but in my own view he’s still an aspirant. APC does not have a presidential candidate yet but one presidential aspirant until after the proposed national congress of the party. And until all the presidential candidates are presented by all the political parties to Nigerians by all the political parties, it might not be intelligent enough for anybody to jump at anyone yet for consideration in the race. So, Nigeria does not have a presidential candidate yet until INEC presents them to Nigerians. Nigeria has been a dilapidated house under repairs and renovation, no doubt. Mr. President and his team have been trying their best. As far as I’m concerned, he has been trying his best to fix the house. And under such circumstance, the work might not be seen or appreciated, or even the intention of the person fixing it might be misconstrued. Even a Nigerian like me won’t see it until the renovation work is completed and presented for proper assessment. But in all, what I see as the main problem of this government is how it has carried on with the politics. Mr. President, I believe, cannot continue to run this government smoothly and still make a great impact as it should be if he cannot decide to play the necessary politics needed to run the government. He has no clue on how to solve Nigeria’s problem- Radio presenter, Sabina This present administration had good intentions for Nigeria and Nigerians, or so we were made to believe three and a half years ago during the election campaigns. I was actually one of those who welcomed the idea of giving another set of leaders a chance to see what they could do differently to move Nigeria forward. From my observation, President Buhari and his cabinet had no clue about the magnitude of the issues we face as a nation. Yet they made so many promises. I hold this against them for not properly counting the cost before promising paradise! In the area of fighting corruption, I welcome and applaud the presidency’s efforts, but I’m still expecting them to clean out the grey areas, no one found guilty should be spared. No sacred cows please, this is where integrity plays out the most. Again, the hardship in the land has tripled compared to the last administration. Yes, sacrifices have to be made by all towards a better tomorrow but for how long? And what’s the plan to alleviate the pain Nigerians are going through? Why hasn’t the exchange rate improved in our favor in three years? Why are Nigerians being killed on a daily basis and we don’t hear of people being questioned ? What about stories of animals stealing money in offices manned by human beings? Look at education and health sectors. Are we not retrogressive? There’s hunger in the land and blaming the past administration for everything is actually a bad signal to the citizens who voted you in to turn things around for the better. Would you have the people’s mandate if there weren’t problems to be solved? I see Buhari’s administration as one with good intentions but it lacks the wherewithal to do what problem solvers do, and thus should give way to another crop of leaders. Nigeria can sure boast of another set of practical intellectuals and critical thinkers who have something to contribute to the all round growth of this great nation. I appeal to Mr. President to allow them come in to help just as Nigerians gave him the opportunity to do likewise at the last election. I do not think he should re-contest. Nigeria needs a more strategic president- Gospel music singer, Nikki Laoye “I have no personal bias against President Buhari desiring a second term. But I just personally believe we need a younger, bolder and more strategic mind on the presidential seat at this time. Nigeria is such a rich country but we are not using the right strategies, neither do we have the correct structures in place. That’s why we are still having the same fuel scarcity, electricity issues, etc. The same issues that had been with us since I was a child still exist today. We need a drastic overhaul in our nation right now-the people, the mindset, the policies in place-. God help our country.” Buhari hasn’t fulfilled half of his promise- Soma, ex BBNaija housemate I don’t think Buhari has done half of what he promised Nigerians. So, I’m not in support of his second term ambition, it’s a big no! I can never support him for second term- Musician, Felix Duke “What can an old man do? He has nothing to offer, he brought pain and suffering to Nigerians so he should go home, sleep and enjoy his old age. I’m not in support of his declaration to run for second term, God forbid! Haven’t people died enough? I can never support him because I don’t want him back.” Buhari deserves a second chance- Jaywon “For me, I think everybody deserves a second chance. I feel he hasn’t done badly.” It’s the people’s choice- Actress, Winner Lazarus If he wants to run for second term it’s the choice of the people to vote for him and if they do then it’s fine. Everything depends on the choice of Nigerians Anybody older than Nigeria shouldn’t contest in 2019- Juju music singer, Tayo Mix Anybody who is older than Nigeria shouldn’t contest at all in 2019 because they only think about their families; they never do anything for Nigerians. They should allow younger people to rule so that problems such as power outage, joblessness, thuggery, violence, corruption, etc. will stop. Yar’Adua’s tenure was better- Yinka Davies “Our country won’t be crushed by one man’s destiny. The destiny we bring to this world says a lot about who we are and affects our people, our surroundings, and our community. Should a violent man be called into a gathering, he may not be the culprit, but everything around him will revolt against something, that is where we are. It is not for us to decide, what matters is what destiny he brought to the office. Yar’Adua’s head was gentle.” Buhari needs rest- Actress, Sylvia Edem “They should allow young people to rule and stop religious conflicts because we need peace in this country. The past three years of his government has been from one violent attack to the other. Do you know how many lives we have lost and the level of hunger people are suffering from? Nigerian youths are angry; Buhari needs to take a rest. I’m not in support of his second term rule.” He has nothing good for Nigeria- Agoha John “Buhari should just go and rest and enjoy his old age. How can he think of running for second term because people are pushing him to do so? That man has nothing good for this country.”


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