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10 Essential IT Terms Must Know Everyone

The IT world is often difficult to navigate. A vast range of technical terms are used, sometimes with no explanation. But what are the essentials? All areas of Information Technology have their own technical jargon, but some will be more common than others.

People who work in IT and those who want to come to IT should know the tech terms that are used. There are many different techie words like VPN, ww2, DNS, etc., and the more people know, the better they will be able to understand it all.

In this article, we are going to cover the following questions which are frequently asked by IT enthusiasts:

  • What are the terms used in the IT industry?
  • What are the 20 ICT terms?
  • What are some basic computer terms?
  • What does www2 mean?

Here, we’ll discuss the 10 most used and essential IT terminologies. So, stay tuned!

10 Essential Information Technology Terms:


An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of instructions, routines, protocols, and tools that allow the creation of applications to interact with one another.

The API allows developers to build different applications but integrate them together. It can be thought of as an instruction manual for the program and hardware, which helps people to work together and make use of all the services available.

It can be applied in several computer languages, such as Java, Python, and PHP to teach the program how to read and output data.



DNS (Domain Name System) is a protocol that translates human-readable domain names into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Computers use IP addresses instead of domain names to connect to websites and other resources on the Internet.

The DNS system makes it possible for the user to remember a user-friendly domain name and not have to memorize IP addresses. DNS servers translate domain names and IP addresses, so you can connect securely to any resource on the internet. Without this system, you would have to type in the IP address of every site you wanted to visit.

Open Source:

Open Source is a term that extends beyond programming to encompass any process or program whose source code is freely accessible to the public.

The idea of free access to software has been around for years, but it wasn’t until 1985 when Richard Stallman founded the Free Software Foundation that the movement began to take off.

With open-source projects, users are free to share, use, modify, or build upon open-source code without any restrictions regarding copyright.


We all have heard about www, but most people don’t know, “what is www2?”. Www2 means subdomains or hostnames that are used to identify closely related websites within a domain. You can say it is version 2 of www and directly linked to the main domain.

For example, and will lead to the same website. Www2 is often used to distribute the load to different servers in the browser so that resources can be loaded more efficiently and remain balanced.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud Hosting is a service that allows users to store and access their data from remote servers. It is a means for people with either large or small data needs to offload the cost of managing servers and storage by using third-party providers.


A computer cookie is a piece of data that a website can store on your hard disk or in your device’s memory. Cookies are typically used to store information that the website might need to re-open the page to show you when returning.

They are also often used for authentication purposes, recognizing returning visitors and storing their preferences, logging in IDs and passwords, remembering what items were placed in an online shopping basket, or remembering previous searches.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an online security and privacy solution. It’s used to protect your identity and data by using encryption technology to tunnel what you do on the internet through an “encrypted tunnel” back to your own computer, giving you complete control over your information.

If you are interested in making your data and privacy secure online, then check out VeePN’s blog. VeePN provides VPN service to millions of people worldwide, and they are looking to add more advanced security features, research by VeePN team experts.

A VPN can be used for many reasons: remote employees, monitoring remotely located staff who work in insecure environments, corporate applications such as VoIP and video conferencing, and secure internet browsing. It is also very useful to unblock Omegle with a VPN service.


Firewalls are designed to prevent malicious intrusions from entering or leaving a network. They can be configured using hardware or software and are used to protect an organization from unauthorized access, malicious data leaks, and denial-of-service attacks.


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model for providing software to customers by delivering the software over the internet on a monthly or yearly basis.

The benefits of SaaS include the ability to access the software from anywhere and no installation fees, which eliminates the need for IT support and maintenance.


The algorithm is a set of instructions to solve a problem. In the field of computing, it’s a sequence of instructions written in a language humans can understand that details how to accomplish a particular task.

In conclusion, there are many terms associated with Information Technology that all people should know. The terms will help anyone understand the world of computers and how they work. Knowing these terms can help you get better at your profession, be able to better communicate with others, and have a better understanding of the world around us.

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