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10 Best Pouch Underwear – Ball Hammock Boxer Briefs 2022

The verdict is in: not all underwear is great for your balls. Clothing designers took this fact to heart and developed the best pouch underwear with a freeing sack-sock (and in some cases a dick-pouch too) to protect your goods and support your sperm count. You can get everything from briefs to trunks with pouches nowadays, so the odds are great you’ll find a favorite pair.

Just keep in mind that not all men are built the same. The best underwear for ball support on one man might fit like a sausage casing on another, and there are so many it can be hard to know what’s what. The upside? We researched for you, so finding the best men’s pouch underwear for you should be a simple task.

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All you need to do is take a good look at our guide, decide what you truly want from your pouch underwear, and order them. We guarantee that if testicles could talk, they’d thank you.

Our Top Picks

CDLP underwear

New Balance Pouch Underwear

Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex | Sizes Available: XS-XL | Colors Available: Black, Blue, Grey, Yellow, + | Style: Dual Pouch

New Balance may not seem like the best underwear for ball support, but hear us out. These are the best pouch underwear overall. The high-quality polyester and spandex build is great for regulating and wicking away sack sweat, and the built-in pouch works double time to ensure optimal freedom and cooling.

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Honestly, New Balance surprised us with some of the best men’s pouch underwear. We applaud them for taking the step beyond shoe design and into excellent undergarment creation.

Sheath Dual Pouch 4.0

Material: 92% Modal, 8% Spandex | Sizes Available: S-3XL | Colors Available: Black, Red, White, Blue, + | Style: Dual Pouch Boxer Brief

It makes sense that a company named Sheath has some of the best pouch underwear money can buy. And it isn’t just a witty name. The modal used in the construction of these beauties will leave you extra comfy when you sheath up your man-sword.

The dual pouch design is like a normal pouch on steroids. It doesn’t just separate your junk from your legs like the single; it keeps the frank away from the beans for prime dangle, breathability, and testi freedom.

And yes, dangleage is a (great) new word.

New Balance No Fly Boxer Brief

Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: Blue, Red, Black, + | Style: No Fly Trunks

If you’re picking up a pair of trunks, just remember you aren’t getting a typical boxer brief. Trunks are the middle child, right between boxer brief length and regular ol’ shorty briefs. Obviously, these trunks got the pouch treatment, so you’ll get the cooling and benefits of junk separation.

Keep in mind these trunks are no-fly, so you won’t be able to just bust it out at the urinal. You’re going to have to hit the stalls if you want to avoid pulling your boxers down to pee like a confused kindergartener.

David Archy Pouch Underwear

Material: 92% Micro-modal, 8% Spandex | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: Black, Navy, Gray, Wine | Style: Dual Pouch Brief

David Archy remains one of the best men’s pouch underwear brands on Amazon, and these briefs are here to enforce that claim. They have the dual pouch design going on, so your dong and balls will have their own little caves. Plus, you don’t have to worry about overheating to sterility.

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These are also some of the comfiest pairs of pouch underwear we’ve seen. If it ever says “micro-modal,” you can count on it being soft as hell. Even guys who don’t normally like briefs might want to try this pair out; they don’t squeeze everything together like normal briefs.

Though we will say it wouldn’t kill them to have a few more size options.

Hanes Total Support Boxer Briefs

Material: 76% Polyester, 19% Tencel, 5% Spandex | Sizes Available: XS-XL | Colors Available: Black, Blue, Red, + | Style: Dual Pouch

Every skivvy-buying guy out there has worn or knows about Hanes. They’ve been a staple of American department stores for decades. When you try their Total Support boxer briefs, their ball-holding dynasty will make sense.

Hanes has kept up with the times with these pouch boxers. They do everything all the best men’s pouch underwear does, just at a lower price. They might not last quite as long as pricier pairs, but for this low of an entry fee, you can’t go wrong.

Saxx Underwear Super Soft Boxer Briefs

Material: 95% Viscose, 5% Elastane | Sizes Available: XS-XXL | Colors Available: Black, Blue, Striped, + | Style: Boxer Brief

When plain-old soft isn’t good enough anymore, Saxx Underwear is there to save your balls. These boxer briefs are as soft as the name implies, and they come in a bunch of fun colors and patterns. A surfing beach astronaut? Yes, please.

They’re made from 95% viscose, so you know they’re going to be cozy and flexible. They’re also odor resistant, so you won’t be haunted by stank. That said, you shouldn’t have too much sweat stink considering your sack will have its own personal lounge.

Separatec Dual Pouch Performance Boxer Briefs

Material: 84% Polyamide, 16% Spandex | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: 9 Colors | Style: Dual Pouch Boxer Brief

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Separates is one of those brands you mostly see on Amazon, but don’t let that scare you away. They make some of the best underwear for ball support you’ll ever wear. This performance dual pouch boxer brief is especially great for guys who are out playing sports without a jockstrap.

Not only does it have the dual pouch design to keep things cool and separated, but the quick-dry fabric dries up to three times faster than cotton and is 40% percent lighter to boot. The odor fighters will even keep away the dreaded swamp sack. If you’re looking to play ports in your pouch underwear, these are the best.

Shinesty Pouch Underwear

Material: 95% Modal, 5% Spandex | Sizes Available: XS-5XL | Colors Available: Black, Blue, Green, Patterns, + | Style: Long Leg Boxer Brief

Shinesty isn’t just reminiscent of Shadynasty’s (that’s for you, Always Sunny fans). It’s also some of the best underwear on our vast internet. We didn’t just choose these long-leg pouch boxer briefs because the modal is comfy, soft, affordable, and sports all the benefits of pouch underwear life.

We chose these bad boys because they have all of the above, plus some unique and witty designs. Want an elephant trunk adorning your man trunk? Get it here. Ever wanted to wear a slice of pumpkin pie as a jock strap? Today’s your lucky day because now you can. Thank us later.

Separatec Cotton Underwear

Material: 95% Modal, 5% Spandex | Sizes Available: S-XXL | Colors Available: Black, Red, Navy, Green, + | Style: Boxer Brief

Some guys swear by cotton and just won’t wear anything else. Others have to do the same, thanks to fabric allergies. For both of you fellas, Separatec’s cotton boxer briefs are the best pouch underwear we’ve tried.

They aren’t technically 100% cotton, but they’re pretty damn close. They needed at least 4% spandex to achieve elasticity that won’t stretch out over time. They may seem a little pricey at first, but that’s until you realize you’re buying a seven-pack. The pack also comes with some great colors as a personalization bonus.

Bamboo Cool Pouch Underwear

Material: 92% Bamboo Viscose, 8% Spandex | Sizes Available: S-3XL | Colors Available: Blue, Purple, Red, Black, + | Style: Trunks

Guys who haven’t tried bamboo underwear, do yourself a favor and give them a shot. They’re much softer than most cotton, as breathable as micro modal, and as thin as it gets. It’s basically the Mythril of comfiness (Tolkien fans get it), i.e., it’s much better than basically everything else.

It’s surprising that bamboo clothes are still being marketed as a niche cooling fabric when it’s an all-around great material. It’s not the thickest, so it won’t keep you that warm, but they ace every other task. These are trunk length, but you can also find them in long-leg, boxer brief, and brief forms.

Oh yeah, these have all the fixings that come with the much-lauded ball hammock too. That’s kind of why they’re in this guide.

What To Look For When Searching For The Best Pouch Underwear


If you’re going to have something cradling your pearls all day, you should probably get a material you like. Cotton is always comfy, but don’t be scared of getting blends and polyesters either; they’re no longer just a cheap alternative.

Keep in mind breathability too. Some materials will allow more air to pass through than others, so make sure you pay attention while you read our guide to learn which materials are best for which situations.

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Since we’re talking about pouch underwear as a whole, the style is going to make a huge difference in your experience. Some guys prefer the longer trunk, some the slightly shorter boxer briefs, and others might love the classic dad favorite, the brief.

If you aren’t sure which is ideal for you, give each of them a shot. Even if you don’t think you’d love a certain style, you might surprise yourself. Package size, of course, comes into play, too. The more you fill up a pair of pants, the more room you’ll need to avoid strangling your sausage.


Finally, color is the last big factor to consider. Everybody feels at least a little more confident when they’re rocking their favorite colors right down to the drawers. Black underwear is always a classy look. You’ve probably worn the white undies at some point in your life, so you know the classic look they come with.  Maybe some sexy red underwear if you’re trying to… make an impression.

Crazy colors or patterns are always fun too. Everybody loves a fun pair of underwear (not that we advise flashing the neighborhood). Even if nobody sees your awesome bigfoot-themed boxers, it’s a fun secret to have in your back pocket. And if you get “pants”, you’ll get pantsed in style.

CDLP underwear model leaning back on a chair face covered with a book

Final Verdict 

You might be in for a surprise, but the best pouch underwear we found overall belongs to the shoe masters (and now underwear masters) at New Balance. Their pouch boxer briefs are the perfect length, the material is breathable, and they’re comfy as hell comfy.

Last but far from least, they have an excellently designed pouch that will keep spider-sack at bay and your meat stick dangling happily.


    • Pouch underwear is basically men’s undies that have an actual pouch built in to cradle your junk. Tired of your balls sticking to your legs or underwear that bunches up into scrot crunching front-wedgies? Pouch underwear could be your savior. Worried about your sperm count lowering because your balls stay too warm stuck to your leg or squeezed into your crotch all day? Yeah, that’s a real thing.

      You may have guessed, but the best pouch underwear can alleviate all of these issues. Sounds to us like some good reasons to try some of the best pouch underwear available.

      • First, and we all know this, not all men are built the same. That’s just what it is. And yes, we’re talking about your meat and potatoes. Guys with a bulging package or maxed-out gluteus maximus will want something they don’t feel constrained in. Those guys are going to need roomier pouch underwear than other fellas.

        Other guys have a little more freedom with their purchases. If you’re an average height and “build,” feel free to shop around. Just be honest with yourself, guys; buying underwear with a huge pouch without needing it might make you a little self-conscious.

        If you haven’t checked out the guide above, now is a great time to scroll up and give it a look. By the time you’re done, you’ll find the best pouch underwear for you.

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